Monday, 30 March 2015

Easter. Flower arrangement for dummies.

Suddenly it has become quite busy in our village, with tourists driving back and forth. I take a look at the calendar, Oops! Easter is due in less than a week!

So, time to make an Easter decoration. A have made a decoration that can be made by anyone, including "flower-arranging-dummies" with two left hands.

This is what you will need:

Two vases. The vases I use are not watertight that is why I use two glass jars that fit into the vases.
I have taken some green foliage from the garden, boxwood is very suitable.
Two stems of Helleborus.
Some moss, sadly I have enough of that in my garden.
A few plastic eggs.

This is how I have made it:

I have put the water in the jars and arranged the green foliage in it.
Make a slight cut in the stem of the Helleborus over a length of 5 cm with a knife. This is important, because otherwise they will quickly hang limp.
Put the Helleborus together with the green foliage.
Than, put the jars in the vases and lay some moss around the edge.
Finally decorate the moss with the eggs.

I have placed the vases in my kitchen window. Thus they are on an slightly higher position and I can see them better. Anyway I can enjoy the beautiful flowers much better inside the house than in the garden!

Happy Easter!

Everything you need.

Incise the stems in for at least 5 cm.

Put the jar in the vase and cover the rim of the jar with some moss.

Add some (plastic) eggs.


The kitchen window sill. I can enjoy the flowers.

Close up, Helleborus. Happy Easter!

Friday, 27 March 2015

Monday, 23 March 2015

Narcissus that will make you jealous.

Last spring I received from a friend of mine, who lives in the centre of the country, this email.

Hi Hetty,

Do you know the name of this daffodil? It is a very sweet looking daffodil, 20 cm high, and the market man did not know better than to call it a 'grass daffodil’.  

Greets Y 

She added the picture above. 

I answered: 

Hi Y, 

This daffodil is known as a petticoat daffodil. Isn’t that a lovely name? I have been wanting to buy these daffodils for years, but somehow I never did. The other day I read in Peter Nijssen’s catalogue that this daffodil needs a sunny spot and a soil not too dry. It’s full name is: Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. bulbocodium. What a name! I do not think you can sell a bulb with a name like that in a garden centre! 

Greets Hetty 


Of course I was a little bit jealous of the beautiful daffodils my friend had bought. So, last autumn I finally took the plunge and bought a 100 of these petticoat daffodils. I even found a spot to plant them in in the backyard! The species I bought is called Narcissus 'Spoirot’. It is named after Hercule Poirot; the detective from the novels of Agatha Christie. 

The daffodils are in bloom now, and I have read on the Internet that they can flower for 42 days. That's great news because I will be able to enjoy the lemon coloured flowers for a long time. To admire these flowers however, I will have to lie down on my belly, because the flowers are only 10 cm high. 

Nevertheless I can recommend Narcissus' Spoirot’. You will always find a spot for such a small daffodil. For your own garden, you should really be investigating them!

The daffodils in my garden

Is it not lovely?
They say they flower for 42 days!

I like the shape.

Tuesday, 17 March 2015

There is no blue without yellow and orange.

The above title is a quote of Vincent van Gogh. As you know, he always used a lot of blue, yellow and orange in his colourful paintings. These colours are each other’s complements and therefore strengthen each other.

In the garden however, nowadays yellow seems to be out of fashion. It is a colour that no one wants to have anymore. Most gardeners prefer a garden in pastel colours or a white garden. I once met a breeder who had no yellow plants in stock anymore whatsoever. His clients did not want to buy yellow plants. I wonder why this aversion to yellow?

In my garden there is definitely place for yellow. No spring without the cheerful yellow daffodils with orange cups. This daffodil is called 'Jetfire' and when it starts flowering the garden is in “full fire”.

Together with this daffodil comes the Iris reticulata 'Harmony'. In my opinion, nature has used the most beautiful blue for these Irises. The flowers have a bright a yellow central band on the falls.

In my garden the daffodils and Irises make a spectacular combination. The daffodils make the irises seem more blue and the irises brighten up the daffodils yellow!

There may be no blue without yellow and orange for Vincent van Gogh, for me there is no spring without daffodils and irises!

 The Garden spring opening in 2015:
 24 and 25 April from 10pm - 5am.

No spring without yellow flowers.

Narcis 'Jetfire', yellow and orange.

Blue Iris 'Harmony', with a yellow central band on the falls.

The Irises thrive! After some years I have a large group of them.

Narcissus 'Jetfire'.

Blue and yellow colours, make a strong combination.


The Irises make the daffodils brighter and the daffodils make the iris more blue.

A painting of Vincent van Gogh. A strong combination, blue, yellow and orange. 

Part of letter of Vincent van Gogh. He wrote: Pas the blue sans jaune et sans orange.

Sunday, 15 March 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. March 2015.

It's been weeks of gorgeous spring weather. And there is so how much to enjoy. Here are some pictures from my garden. I have found a lot of bulbs flowering in my garden that I like to share with you all.

Have a Happy blogger Blooms Day!



Iris reticulata.

Iris reticulata 'Harmony'.

Narcis 'Jetfire'.

Narcissus 'Spoirot'.

Puschkinia alba.

Puschkinia Libantica.

Puschkinia Libantica in a pot.

Tulipa Pulchella violacea.

Almost in flower, Tulipa Peppermintstick. 

Fritillaria Lutea.

All new followers a warm welcome.

Monday, 9 March 2015

What may happen if you go to the gym with a garden freak.

The other day a large hardware store had violets on sale. I went over to buy these, but alas they were sold out within the day. A new shipment was expected the next day.

Because I was kind of busy my husband offered me -quite charitable- to get the violets for me. But as we disagreed about the colour of the "dress" -I thought white/gold, and he blue/black- I thought it to be better to buy them myself.

That day I also had an appointment to go to the gym with a girlfriend of mine. I asked if she would mind buying violets with me. We still could go to the gym afterward. She did not object, because she too could use some violets.

So we went back to the hardware store in the city. Indeed, the violets were now in stock. However, the white ones had large dark hearts, which we did not like at all.

My girlfriend suggested to drive to another store of the same company. We hopped in the car and drove to the next town. Alas they did not sell the right white violets either. Since we were already quite a while from home, we decided to visit the nearby violets breeder in the next village.

At the breeder’s store we arrived at a serious Walhalla of violets. All colours and types you could desire. It was not easy to choose and we even did change plans, after seeing some beautiful mauve violets.

You understand that our energy level was pretty low after all these wanderings. But this could not prevent us from sporting anyhow.

So, an hour and a half later than planned, we finally arrived at the gym.

But with a boot full of beautiful violets!

In the car boot.

Beautiful colours.

We liked these unusual colored violets.

At the violets breeders store.

These mauve coloured violets match with the Lathyrus vernus.

These blue ones look great with the pink Hyacints.

These salmon ones planted in a terra cotta pot. Mmmm. 

Lemon coloured violets together with red/lemon tulips. Wait and see! 

The desired white violets. 

Finally, the dress. I thought it was white/gold. What do you think?

All new followers a warm welcome.