There is no blue without yellow and orange.

The above title is a quote of Vincent van Gogh. As you know, he always used a lot of blue, yellow and orange in his colourful paintings. These colours are each other’s complements and therefore strengthen each other.

In the garden however, nowadays yellow seems to be out of fashion. It is a colour that no one wants to have anymore. Most gardeners prefer a garden in pastel colours or a white garden. I once met a breeder who had no yellow plants in stock anymore whatsoever. His clients did not want to buy yellow plants. I wonder why this aversion to yellow?

In my garden there is definitely place for yellow. No spring without the cheerful yellow daffodils with orange cups. This daffodil is called 'Jetfire' and when it starts flowering the garden is in “full fire”.

Together with this daffodil comes the Iris reticulata 'Harmony'. In my opinion, nature has used the most beautiful blue for these Irises. The flowers have a bright a yellow central band on the falls.

In my garden the daffodils and Irises make a spectacular combination. The daffodils make the irises seem more blue and the irises brighten up the daffodils yellow!

There may be no blue without yellow and orange for Vincent van Gogh, for me there is no spring without daffodils and irises!

 The Garden spring opening in 2015:
 24 and 25 April from 10pm - 5am.

No spring without yellow flowers.

Narcis 'Jetfire', yellow and orange.

Blue Iris 'Harmony', with a yellow central band on the falls.

The Irises thrive! After some years I have a large group of them.

Narcissus 'Jetfire'.

Blue and yellow colours, make a strong combination.


The Irises make the daffodils brighter and the daffodils make the iris more blue.

A painting of Vincent van Gogh. A strong combination, blue, yellow and orange. 

Part of letter of Vincent van Gogh. He wrote: Pas the blue sans jaune et sans orange.


  1. I enjoy my spring bulbs as much as you. Mine are now 5 cm only in green yet. Could be days or weeks until they have flowers. I wait.

  2. Dear Hetty
    At first- WOMDERFUL Pictures!
    I love yellow an have many narcissus- together with blue skilla ...
    All kind of colours are nice..


  3. No yellow? Then I am definitely not "in" fashion, as most of the flowers in my garden are yellow. I will say, though, that there is a color that I do not use in my garden: pink. Blech! Not for me. You won't find pink in my garden, in my house, or in my wardrobe. I believe that Van Gogh did not care for pink very much, either. Well, you know what they say about great minds...

  4. Wow, very pritty flowers in blue and yellow! Have a nice weekend and happy springtime! /Lotta

  5. Wow, very wonderful flowers here today! Oh, I like Yellow, but it has to be in the right spots in the season, but at this time of Year I love it all! Hiope You have a nice weekend! :) Mia

  6. Beautiful captures of these Spring flowers! Happy weekend:)


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