Monday, 28 December 2015

The best of 2015.

Dear blog readers,

Thanks you all for all your kind comments on my blog. I have enjoyed it very much and it feels as if I know you a little. Isn’t it special to have virtual friends by writing a blog?

This week I show you the best pictures of past gardening year. In January, the gardening year is going to start all over again. Like I did this year, every week I will tell you about my activities, frustrations and new plans.

To conclude, this is what I wish for your garden:
A little bit of frost in January, then full throttle off to spring! Soft rain in May. Plenty of sun in June with the occasional shower in the evening. A very sunny summer with lots of opportunities to go to the beach and at last an Indian summer in the Autumn…...

Happy 2016.


















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Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas inspiration.

By reading other blogs you can gain some good ideas for the upcoming Christmas season. This year there were two blogs that inspired me.

The first was by Peetje. She bought, like I did, the little Christmas bells. (Action store) Peetje put the bells on burlap rope. Mm, I thought, I can use that idea. I have wired the bells to some copper wire. Now I can turn the bells easily into my small Christmas tree and they can’t fall out.

Another blog that inspired me was the blog of Anita. She made bows of old silk. Old silk? That's exactly what my wreath needs. A piece of silk was quickly bought and now my wreath looks exactly what I had in mind.

Peetje and Anita, thank you for your inspiring blogs.

Finally I show you the pictures I made of my Christmas decorations. Maybe; you get inspired as well!

Inspired or not, in any case, I wish you all a Merry Christmas!

Little bells....

On copper wire.

Bells in my little Christmas tree.

My Christmas tree.....

On the windowsill.

Nice Poinsettia's

White, with pink vains.

Beautiful combination.

In the evening......

Candles are lit and.... 

A silk bow in my wreath.

Monday, 14 December 2015

Hyacinth experiment. I already regret it.

My daughter gave me an old preserving jar. You can have it Mom she said; I do not need it anymore. "You will certainly regret this," I responded.

Next day, I already got an idea what to do with this jar. I would try to force Hyacinths in it. An experiment! With some pebbles on the bottom it should be possible. Because one jar is not really making an impact, I decided to have a windowsill full of Hyacinths. Fortunate enough, I have still plenty of preserving jars in the barn. I took the jars from the barn inside and washed them thoroughly.

With some black pebbles on the bottom it looks right instantly. I place the Hyacinth bulbs on the pebbles, a little water and voilĂ , job done.

After that I put the jars on the windowsill next to my computer desk. This way I can watch them grow. However, I hear a voice in my head: Is this is the right way to do Hetty? My mother used to force Hyacinths on glass too. She placed them in the basement….…

A little search on the Internet teaches me that only specially prepared Hyacinths can be forced indoors. The other ones just need to have a cold period. And, to make things worse, they must be placed in the dark too.

I don’t know whether my bulbs are prepared or not, so I put all the jars back into the barn. I place them into a box and cover them with a jacket to keep the light out.

This experiment started so easy and on a high note, but it has got me into a mountain of troubles right away. What to do when it starts freezing? All my old preserving jars will be frozen!

On second thoughts I don’t think my daughter does regret giving me the preserving jar, but.......

I already regret the experiment!

The preserving jar, my daughter gave to me. 

It looks beautiful.

But a windowsill full of preserving jars looks even better!

Old preserving jar from the flee market.

I love the details.

Experiment. Hyacinth on stones.

Hyacint bulb.

Cosy together in a jar.

I have to wait for a long time..., I already regret this experiment!

Wish I had planted them out in the garden....

New followers a warm welcome.

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Monday, 7 December 2015

Winter blues?

The meteorological winter may be already one week old, but it still feels like autumn! Because of strong winds the rain comes in almost horizontally. And clouds so low they almost touch the ground. It is hard not to feel the winter blues!

I try to keep my spirit up by looking at the pictures I made last summer. Especially series of pictures that never featured in my blog, because in summer there is simply too much going on.

One of those is the one I made of my Versailles vases. These iron vases are at my kitchen windowsill. By the way, I always put a little jam jar in the Versailles vases, because they are not watertight.

In summertime every now and again I make small bouquet from the flowers in my garden and put these in the vases. What a pleasure to watch whilst washing the dishes.

These pictures of colourful bouquets instantly make me feel better. So we just have to deal with this boring winter period, but the pictures of the summer before can help a lot.

Still, with 12 degrees it is not cold at all. Last week I even had to mow the lawn. And behold some snowdrops are already blooming close to my front door.

Snowdrops. They make my winter blues disappears like snow in the sun!

Winter. Cyclamen are flowering for months.

Lovely flowers.

I like the coloured leaves. 

Spring. Jam jars, Box and Helleborus orientalis.

These make an simple Easter arrangement.

Kitchen window sill.


I have plenty of flowers in the garden.

For instance Lathyrus.

I like to see these flower arrangements.

Summer bouquet.

Autumn. Dried Hortensia flowers.

I added a smal battery operated light set.

Snowdrops, they can make winter blues disappear like snow in the sun. 

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