Monday, 30 May 2016

The month of May.

As the North wind blows I shiver in my winter coat ....
Mild rain has softened the hard clay clods….
The sun warmed up the soil and the seeds I sowed are germinating.....
The sky is the playground of the swallows again.....

The birds have made a nest in the hedge ......
Shrubs are flowering….
Where once the blossoms bloomed, small apples have appeared.....
South wind, you have blown me to the beach ....

Hundreds of Alliums are flowering....
I smell the fragrance of roses ......
I have seen the first butterfly....
Month of May, have you gone already?

Mild rain.

The sky is the playground of the swallow again.

Where once the blossoms bloomed...... 

...... small apples have appeared.

Shrubs are flowering


I see the first butterfly.

The fragrance of roses.....

....seeds are germinating.

Aquilegia everywhere.

Lathyrus is flowering.

Hundreds of Alliums are flowering.

The south wind blows me to the beach.

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Monday, 23 May 2016

DIY. Creative with annuals.

Last week I collected my annual flower containers at the These containers have their own water tank, so you have to water them only once a week. It is a smart solution.

As it turned out to be, the plants were already quit large. This I cannot say about my Fiat 500 however! So it was a kind of a puzzle to get them all in. With the help of the owner of the nursery we found the following solution. Four large flower containers in the boot, one on the passenger seat, two in front and the last one simply stuffed amongst the rest. Doors closed and driving. In a Fiat there is always more room than you think!

Back at home I placed the containers in terracotta pots. My garden has immediately dressed up with all that cheery flowers.

For the remaining three containers I devised a great plan .....

I took two old garden chairs whose seats are broken. Using a jigsaw I made a round hole in the seat. The container is placed in that hole. It's lovely right away!

Next thing to be tackled is the garden table. I have bought a large tray, with the same circumference as the top of the table. I want to cover this tray with turf. I hope the turf will hold water for a longer time because of the raised edge of the tray. Next I placed the annual container on the tray, put some potting soil around it and on top of that I laid the turf. (See photos.) You can imagine, all this was done in five minutes. However, I must confess that the search for a suitable tray took me months !!!

Finally, as finishing touch, I took a piece of rope from the barn (has been lying there forever). This rope fitted exactly between the tray and the table.

DIY "creative with annuals." I am satisfied.

I say, let summer begin!

There is a lot of room in a Fiat 500!

The garden is immediately full of colour.

So lovely.

DIY step one. Saw a hole.

DIY step two. Put the container in the hole.

DIY garden table. Step one. Buy a tray and put the container on it.

 Step two. Cover the tray with potting soil.

 Step three. Lay the turf on top.


I like the rope between the tray and the garden table.

As far as I am concerned, let the summer begin!

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Monday, 16 May 2016

Tree peonies, beauty and transience.

The last few days we had some hot days causing the blooming to explode in the garden! Lilac, Wisteria and Alliums all have opened their buds.

And as icing on the cake: the tree peony is flowering too! This year the tree peony has many flowers. The pink flowers have are almost 20 cm in diameter.

The downside of all this beauty however, is the short flowering period. 1 to 2 weeks at the most. So you best sit next to it all day not to miss a moment of their beauty.

The other day I spoke to my older brother on the phone. I mentioned the beauty of the tree peony and complained about the short flowering period. "Is that a bad thing?" my brother asked. He had a totally different view to this ephemeral bloom. "If they bloomed all year round, would you still rave about them” he asked. “And for that matter, if you could buy fake peonies, would you enjoy these as much?"

He has a point there. But I also felt a bit caught. What he did not know is, that I bought silk peonies recently. I decided to see if I could enjoy these fake peonies too.

So I made a mixed bouquet of real Lilacs, Laurel and the silk peonies. The lilacs scent heavenly and so do the laurel branches ... but of course the silk peonies do not. Although they bloom endlessly without wither, in the end it is still a bit boring.

So I take some pictures of my beautiful tree peony in the garden before it's too late, and share them with you.

In the end, my brother is right. Tree Peonies: that is only beauty and transience. And that's not a bad thing at all!

Beautiful flowers
The flowers are about 20 cm each.
In the morning light.
The whole peonie
There are many flowers.
So many beautiful flowers this year.
This one is starting to fade already.
Bouquet with white peony, Lilacs and Laurus.

Did you notice these peonies are fake?

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