Monday, 27 April 2015

Tulip vases.

The tulip shown above is from my own garden. It is a tulip that is infected with a virus. You can see this by the stripes. This is a so called 'broken' tulip. I have put it in a vase, to prevent it infecting the other tulips. Although it is ill, it still is beautiful. ...

During the Dutch Golden Age (17th century) the price of tulip bulbs with a striped drawing as shown above reached extreme heights. In 1637 these tulip bulbs could be sold for the price of an Amsterdam canal house! In those days, if you could afford to buy yourselves tulips, of course you wanted to show off with them as well.

For that reason the tulip vase has been designed. These vases were commonly white with a Delft blue painting. To make an even bigger impression, you should have a pyramid vase. These had several floors. At the Rijksmuseum (Amsterdam) I even saw a pyramid tulip vase as tall as I am myself!

I'm not quite sure what to think about these tulip vases. Are they pretty or pretty ugly? Anyhow, it is an easy vase for flower arranging dummies. You simply put a flower in every sprout; job done it just cannot go wrong!

However, this story of 17th century striped tulips, ended up badly. After discovering that these bulbs were in effect infected with a virus, they lost their value completely! The prices collapsed and many traders went bankrupt.

However, the tulip vases remained. But I still have not figured it out; do l like or dislike them?

I am still in doubt.

For sale, new tulip vases.

 Tulip vases; they are as tall as I am! (The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam.)

Impression of an old Dutch house. I saw this at Keukenhof.

This was a fashionable flower arrangement in the 17e century. 

Can you imagine to buy one tulip bulb for the prise of a Amsterdam canal house?
 Super deal!

My tulip vases at the kitchen table.

A flower arrangement for dummies. Put a flower in every sprout.

Forget-me-not and Ipheion. Tulip vases, not only for tulips! 

All new followers a warm welcome.

Monday, 20 April 2015

The week before opening the garden to the public.

The week before the garden will be open to the public is always a little bit hectic. I have to mow the lawn, sweep the paths, cut the hedges and also I have to weed. It seems like business as usual, but with one difference; it has to be done much neater. And it must be done in time.

All pots that have been roaming the garden are stored away. The bins are placed put of sight. The car is removed from the porch. The rotary dryer is put away. The barn swept and cleaned, the table is set, and flowers I picked earlier are placed in vases.

The pots with bulbs are being watered, the lawn is mowed once again and all the edges are clipped.

Inside the house everything has to be neat as well, because the visitors like to have a peek inside (!) Fresh flowers have to be put in the windowsills, and the living room should be cleared from swaying newspapers and shoes.

And now I should write a blog?! Sorry, but no!

I'm going to sit on the bench and enjoy my garden. So this week I will only show you the photo's......

                                                 The garden will be open April 24 and 25.

Monday, 13 April 2015

Candy Prince, irresistible.

“I am sorry to inform you, but Tulip 'Pink Diamond' is not available", Jan Deen - my bulbs supplier - wrote to me last autumn. “Instead I have selected tulip 'Candy Prince' for you. If you don not like the colour, just pull them out!"

Oh yes, Jan knows my style of gardening. If something it is not to my taste I will certainly pull it out!

On the Internet I tried I to find a picture of 'Candy Prince’. It appears to be a beautiful tulip in a light pink colour. But alas, the flowering time was completely wrong. I had planned a late flowering tulip, I got me an early flowering one instead! That was completely wrong in the schedule I planned.

What to do? I considered dozens of options and my thoughts milled on and on for many nights. Eventually I found a solution. I would have to plant 'Candy Prince' in a totally different area of my garden. I supposed that Tulip ‘Candy Prince’ and 'Blue Diamond' would be wonderful together under the pear tree.

At this moment Tulips 'Candy Prince' and 'Blue Diamond' are flowering. Together with the dark Helleborus it turns out to be the stunning combination I dreamed of.

My creativity has been put to the test severely, but that is all easily forgotten.

Because this prince; for sure no one can resist! 

The garden will be open April 24 and 25.

Tulipa 'Candy Prince' together with the dark Helleborus.

Tulip 'Candy Prince' and T. 'Blue Diamond'. 

Combination of tulips and the spiky  leaves of bearded Irises an the soft grey leaves of Matthiola incana.

The tulips just started flowering and it is beautiful already.

Harmonious colours.

Tulip 'Blue Diamond', a little darker than 'Candy Prince'.

Have a Happy Bloggers Bloom Day!

Monday, 6 April 2015

On cloud nine with my hands in the clay.

Gardeners Illustrated April is on sale now and my garden is featured in it! I knew this was going to happen of course, but still the very moment you have the magazine in hand, then you are really on cloud nine....

I have to return quickly to earth though. A garden woman featuring in Gardeners Illustrated needs to work hard in her garden!

Last week I took on a part of the lawn in the back yard. This gets very little light and therefore it struggles growing. So, I have decided to lay new turf.

Easier said than done though. Preparing the soil is a lot of work. First digging up the aria and breaking down large clumps. Of course I had to remove all weeds. After that, I shuffled back and forth with my boots to firm the soil. Finally you will have to rake the soil. After all this preparation, the turf can be laid. You should immediately water the turf a plentiful.

The advantage of laying turf instead of sowing grass, is that you can immediately enjoy a green lawn. After all the hard labour I look at my work with satisfaction.

My garden in an English garden magazine ...... I muse and I am floating back on my cloud again, albeit with hands dirty of mud and clay..... 

The life of a garden woman is not only glitz and glam!

The garden wil be open April 24 and 25.




The turf.

Laying the turf.

The final result.

A stroll through the garden.

Narcisses in pots are beautiful at the moment.

Close up, Narcis 'Sailboat'.


The first tulips start to flower.

More daffodils.

The Spring party has started overhere.

On the table, Puskinia.