What may happen if you go to the gym with a garden freak.

The other day a large hardware store had violets on sale. I went over to buy these, but alas they were sold out within the day. A new shipment was expected the next day.

Because I was kind of busy my husband offered me -quite charitable- to get the violets for me. But as we disagreed about the colour of the "dress" -I thought white/gold, and he blue/black- I thought it to be better to buy them myself.

That day I also had an appointment to go to the gym with a girlfriend of mine. I asked if she would mind buying violets with me. We still could go to the gym afterward. She did not object, because she too could use some violets.

So we went back to the hardware store in the city. Indeed, the violets were now in stock. However, the white ones had large dark hearts, which we did not like at all.

My girlfriend suggested to drive to another store of the same company. We hopped in the car and drove to the next town. Alas they did not sell the right white violets either. Since we were already quite a while from home, we decided to visit the nearby violets breeder in the next village.

At the breeder’s store we arrived at a serious Walhalla of violets. All colours and types you could desire. It was not easy to choose and we even did change plans, after seeing some beautiful mauve violets.

You understand that our energy level was pretty low after all these wanderings. But this could not prevent us from sporting anyhow.

So, an hour and a half later than planned, we finally arrived at the gym.

But with a boot full of beautiful violets!

In the car boot.

Beautiful colours.

We liked these unusual colored violets.

At the violets breeders store.

These mauve coloured violets match with the Lathyrus vernus.

These blue ones look great with the pink Hyacints.

These salmon ones planted in a terra cotta pot. Mmmm. 

Lemon coloured violets together with red/lemon tulips. Wait and see! 

The desired white violets. 

Finally, the dress. I thought it was white/gold. What do you think?

All new followers a warm welcome.


  1. Dear Hetty
    Lovely story and photos.
    The first is a great macroshot.


  2. Hetty! You mean that you have more than one garden center to chose from? I would be going from town to town, garden center to garden center every day! How do you choose with so many choices? If I lived in Holland, I think I would be overwhelmed with so many garden shopping opportunities!

  3. Lovely flowers!!!!! and sallad! Have a nice weekend.

  4. Lovely flowers, I really love them, bought some to myself today.
    Have a nice weekend.

  5. Men så härligt att få gå och se alla dessa lådor med penséer undarbar vår
    Ha en fin och skön helg
    Kram Meta

  6. The feeling of spring is obvious in your nice pictures! Have a nice weekend.

    Hugs louise

  7. Buying (the perfect) violas is not easy...
    I am looking for some, myself :)

  8. Lovley!
    Have a nice week! Best regards Ewa :)

  9. Dear Hetty,

    I love all the pretty flowers and they are one of my favourites - so glad you were able to go to the grower and pick from all the wonderful array of colours and still go to the gym.
    I thought the dress was gold and white and yet in another photo it looked black and blue
    Hope you are enjoying the weekend


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