The red tulips give me the blues.

Last Wednesday, I went back to my hometown. It is about a 2 hours drive from where I live nowadays. An old friend of my parents died and it was his funeral. I am very grateful for the countless visits he brought to my mother from when she was widowed until her death.

After the funeral I had lunch with my sister together with my brother. My sister had been organizing old pictures from my mother’s legacy. She had made an envelope for each member of our family with pictures of each of us on it. It was nice to look at your own youth that way.

She also made an envelope with very old photos which she could not trace. Nobody knows who's on those pictures. These people have been forgotten, at least by us. I took a few of those photos with me because I liked the nostalgic look.

Before I went back home, I bought me some flowers at the local market. I went there with my mother so many times! I parked my car near her apartment and walk as we used to do to the market square. It feels like she puts her arm through mine, and I can almost feel how she hopped to keep pace.

At the flower stall I buy me a lot of tulips. These are cheap. Almost instinctively I choose her favorite color; red. As I return to my car I feel tears stinging my eyes.

Grateful memories are suddenly very close by.

Oh red tulips, they give me the blues.

On the kitchen table... tulips and old pictures.

Nobody remembers their names.

For this occasion I have put the tulips in an old blue vase.

Close up. The old vase, I have found along the roadside.

Red tulips give me the blues,

but they are also beautiful!

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  1. Dear Hetty
    What a lovely story! I like the old photos very much, they have so much atmosphere!
    Great post Hetty!

  2. Now my tears also fall, it was a really lovely story and the pictures are wonderful! Hope You have a great weekend! :) Mia

  3. Hetty, I also have old family photos that no one can identify any longer. Some are daguerreotypes from the 1840s, and I haven't the heart to throw them away. It's lovely that you still have vivid memories of your mother. My father is in the hospital once again, and only time will tell.

    Love the red tulips in the blue and white pot!


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