Monday, 31 October 2016

Autumn leaves

Autumn leaves
The once green canopy
Discolours to trees transparent
Leaves fall one by one
To a deep-pile carpet
Some trees blush
Are they ashamed
For the nakedness
Of their winter silhouette?
Autumn leaves fall down
One by one

The trees............


Some are blushing

The green canopy changes into a high-pile carpet.

Leaves fall down one by one.... in the water....

On flowers....

On cars.....

And on benches.

Monday, 24 October 2016

Murillo tulips. It's all nostalgia.

Whilst I am in the garden my husband calls me: “There has been a package delivered for you”. I did not order anything. So what could it be? Anxiously I look inside the package and find the Murillo tulips I ordered at Keukenhof this spring.

Thinking back to that day in spring, I see myself strolling at Keukenhof. Busy writing and thinking what to choose for next spring. Suddenly my eye is drawn to a flowerbed of Murillo tulips. Murillo tulips? That name sounds familiar to me.

You should know, my grandfather used to be a professional tulip grower once. That’s the reason why I have asked my old aunts if they remembered the kind of tulips my grandfather grew. This made my aunts thinking for a long time. Eventually they came up with a name. They were sure it were Murillo tulips. My aunts also told me that in those days the pink ones were very successful.

I can see why these short stem, doubled early tulips are loved. At Keukenhof these have been planted in a long strip. They just look very cute. I seat myself at a bench close by and think about the conversation with my aunts several years back. Should I buy these Murillo tulips? For the sake of old times? My aunts? My grandfather? In a fit of nostalgia I step inside the shop and buy 60 Murillos.

My old aunts have both diseased. What a pity I cannot call them and tell I am planting these tulips. They surely would have loved that.

Murillo tulips. Tomorrow I will be planting them. Just like my grandfather used to do!

Murillo tulips........

............double early tulips.........

.......planted in a long strip at Keukenhof.

There are many colours..........

..........but they all look good to me.

Murillo tulips, I am going to plant them!

Monday, 17 October 2016

Triggered by Hidcote garden.

Last summer my husband and I visited Hidcote garden (England). Directly next to the entrance we saw a well-designed, yet simple garden. This garden triggered something in us. Would this layout suit my backyard? After all, since excavating the box hedges my garden does not look as special as it did.

Later that day in the lobby of our hotel, I had a lengthy brainstorming session with my husband. After a few glasses of wine it becomes clear: the back yard has to change!

Back home again after the holidays, the first thing to do is to go to the drawing board. I draw the new lines to scale and make the new planting scheme.

Now I can start working. I order a cubic meter of sand. I take out the old stones and use these for the newly designed paving. Next I replace the Portuguese laural (Prunus lusitanica Angustifolia). They are part of the evergreen skeleton. Then the new plants I bought at the garden fair of Beervelde last week, go in the ground. When it’s done I am very pleased with the new layout of the garden.

Proudly I show the garden to one of my friends. She responds quite soberly: "You had such a nice garden and now it's so empty again!"

However, I see what the garden will look like next summer: roses, peonies, phloxes and of course.... Lavender Hidcote!

Spring. My back yard with Box hedges.

Spring. My back yard without Box.

Summer. The back yard with box.

Summer. The back yard without box.

Digging out the lines.


Half way. Left old situation right new situation.

Final result.

In these long borders I will plant tulips.

Hidcote garden. The inspiration of my plan.

New planted in my garden Lavendula 'Hidcote'.
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Monday, 10 October 2016

Phlox. The purple Countess.

On the grounds of the beautiful Beervelde estate in Belgium twice a year a large garden event is being held. This estate is located at Lochristi and is a one-hour drive by car from where I live. Last Friday I went there to buy plants.

To go to this garden fair never bores me. Whilst driving I realize this is perhaps the fifteenth time I go there. There is always this feel of excitement; will l find something special?

Again I am not disappointed. I find red flowering broad beans in the stand with special vegetable seeds. I saw these beans last summer in England. I buy two packages. After all, you never know whether they will germinate.

But the most important purchase this time is the Phlox. I have bought 16 of them. All purple. Phlox ' Gräfin von Schwerin' at the stand of Marcel de Wagt. It should be a very nice variety. I preordered some of these Phloxes. I have not seen this “Gräfin ” flowering before, but I trust his expertise.

A purple Gräfin (countess) bought at the estate of Beervelde. It can’t get any better.

Broke but completely satisfied I drive back home again. The backseat covered with purple Phloxes.

Impression of Beervelde.

Echinacea and Dahlia's are hot!

Bulbs for sale.

At the stand with special vegetable seeds I saw this beautiful necklace.

Who wants to buy this girl?

The owner of this car bought a lot of beautiful plants. 

Look what I bought.

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