Monday, 24 April 2017

Open garden days. Spring 2017.

It is quiet in the garden. The April open garden days are over. I enjoyed the conversations with the many visitors from home and abroad. I am touched hearing some visitors have travelled over 700 km just to see my garden.

It was cold, but fortunately we only had a few drops of rain. The visitors were very interested. Numerous times I had to explain how I plant the bulbs. Also, I have been asked if I leave the flower bulbs in the ground (some are, some not) and what I do with the bulbs that I remove. Well I simply throw these away, which all of them think is a sin.

Of course, I could not satisfy everyone. For example, Mrs Blackbird! Her nest had to be finished! This morning, with her mouth full of straw, she looked at me very annoyed. Did I realise I caused her a two days delay just because of these open garden days. The toad was glad too. Finally he could scramble through the garden again without fear of being crushed by the sturdy walking shoes of all those garden freaks. I even did not see my neighbour’s cat for two days. He too is definitely not a fan of open garden days.

For me it just has been a lovely time. For those of you who could not come, I made some pictures. To enjoy the tulips together!

T. Exotic Emperor, White Triumphator, Spring Green, Queen of Night.

Narcis Pueblo

T. Carnaval de Rio

Mix of tulips.

T. Slawa

Red tulips

T. Thijs Boots

T. Mount Tacoma and Angelique

Akebia quinata

And the first rose!

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