Monday, 26 September 2016

Bulbs for Dummies.

Look at what I have bought at the market. It is a Colchium, autumn Crocus. It is a bulb that flowers without doing anything.

You do not need a garden, no soil; you don’t even have to water it. Place the bulbs in a bowl and that's all. The crocus-like flowers appear automatically.

Of course you can add the Colchium bulbs in autumn arrangement, together with the last summer flowers. Or place them in your grandmother‘s crystal wine glasses. Use your imagination. Opportunities enough.

When you decide to buy these Colchium bulbs, do buy some spring bulbs too. You certainly regret if you do not. What is spring without tulips and daffodils? Put these spring bulbs in the soil and wait. In spring you will enjoy your work.

Colchium, tulips or daffodils.  Well considered, all bulbs are suited for dummies!

Colchicum together with berries and the latest roses.

You can already see the flower. 

I love these Ampelopsis berries from my garden.

Colchium flowering on the market. 

Also pretty in the old wine glasses.

Tulips in spring.

Don't forget to plant them now!
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