Monday, 22 August 2016

The rosary of David Austin.

For more than 25 years now, I have David Austin roses in my garden. These roses are healthy and flower repeating and have the looks of old-fashioned roses. For that reason they belong to my favourite group of roses. It has been a long-cherished wish of mine, to visit the David Austin rosary. (Albrighton, England).

Since in August most roses are not in flower is this month is not the best to visit a rosary. On the other hand, it is a perfect opportunity to see which roses still flower in this time of the year.

As we arrive at the rosary it's sunny. I notice immediately that the garden is on a windy spot. Good for the air circulation. Hundreds of roses are planted in the rosary. They grow on pergolas and in long borders. All roses look tip top; they are neatly trimmed and have healthy leaves. About 10% of the roses is in bloom. Easy to make a shortlist.

In search of advice I address one of the gardeners and ask which of the roses on my list are the best. "Is ‘The Lady Gardener’ a good choice”? "Pretty good," he says. "And The Herbalist?" "Not too bad," he replies. What a diplomat he is! After some gently persuasion he named 'The Poet's Wife' and 'Wollerton Old Hall’ as possible highlights.

Walking through the nursery where plenty the roses are for sale, I have to resist my greed. A thorny rose in the back seat is not a good idea!

Finally my husband and I go for a cup of tea in the tearoom. The tea is served in the beautiful David Austin tableware. It is a perfect match.

And that delicious piece of pie? Well, that I cannot resist!

The nursery. There are a lot of roses for sale.

The rosary. All roses looked heathy.

Water and roses, beautiful.

The gardener, he turned out to be a diplomat!

Some of the roses that flowers in August:

Winchester Cathedral.

The Poet's Wife


Olivia Rose Austin

Mary Rose

The Lady Gardener

The Herbalist. One of my favorite!

Tea time!