Monday, 25 August 2014

Return from the holiday.

My husband and I have just returned from our holiday in Italy. We have spent a wonderful time in Tuscany. Because the weather was hot, we were extremely lazy. So I had lots of time to think things over and get fresh new ideas for my garden. 

Once returned home I started gardening right away. One of the things I had decided upon during my vacation, was to cut down a large hedge. This one hedge is about 1.50m high and blocks all the light in this particular part of the garden. As you will all know, the best time to cut down a hedge is spring. But after spending weeks lazing out in the sun I was full of energy. Why wait until next spring? I simply had to start right away!

Some hours later all that was left of the hedge were little stumps.

And what does it look like, you might ask? Well, I am satisfied, but my daughters after I sent them a picture, were a little ambiguous. “Are you in shock?” I asked, “Yes, a little,” my eldest daughter said and the youngest said: “Wauw Mam, I am curious how it looks in reality”.

Well that is what happens to a garden woman after a lazy holiday time. She is unstoppable.

And for the hedge; there is no way back!

                                           info about the garden click here:

Some holiday impressions:
Mediterranean sea. 
Lemons in odd shapes.

They make a nice drink of lemons!

Bright colours.

These plants grow outside!

Oleander everywhere.

Look at that colour

After long searching we found a fishing boat.

Love this cork oak.

Very old olive tree.

Nicest tent I have ever seen.

And caravan!

At home again. I start to work in the garden. 

The hedge before.

I started right away cutting it down.

Ready! I like the space.

Monday, 18 August 2014

Summer garden tour with Gnome Joop.

Hello, as you may recall I am gnome Joop. I live in this garden now for years. The lady that owns the garden has left for summer holiday. So the garden finally is all mine! Before she left, she has asked me to give you a garden tour. I will make it a quick one, after all it is my vacation too.

Look at these strawberries are they not delicious!

 As you will understand I will eat them all before she returns.

This is the front garden. She thinks she can chase the moles away by leading the electric fence through the lawn. She must be nuts. If you would ask me the best way to get rid of moles is to kill them straight away with a rake. But as you know she is kind of a softie. 

The borders in the front garden are massive now.

In the picking garden the dahlia’s are starting to flower. Not overwhelmingly I would say.

Next to the garden bench, there are a lot of red flowers. I like to spend some time here every now and again. I will love to see the garden turn into a real jungle after some time.

Her flower garden.

It looks tidy now but…….… surely will be a mess when she comes back. 

That is the end of my garden tour, I think I gave it a fair try to give you the real picture. I am off to the beach. I have been told that this is just at the end of the street....

They are right. Look at this beach!

The garden can do without me. I am going to stay for a while!