Monday, 29 June 2015

Super tip. Annuals in pots.

Annuals in pots are beautiful, but watering them well is a bit of a mission, especially during summer. Occasionally I simply forget to do so!

Last year, during a garden trip, I heard about the Huyskweker; a company with shops throughout the Netherlands. They sell plastic pots with a water reservoir in it. Because of this you only need to water the plants ones a week. Ideal for garden women like me who in summer rather go to the beach!

This spring, I went to the Huyskweker in my vicinity. The pots with water tanks come in all shapes and sizes. Also there was a great choice in annuals. Several examples were displayed. I chose “Sea Breeze”, in dark purple and white. I added a lavender Surfinia 'Blue Sky' in order to personalise the pot. The pots were planted up the next day and put aside in order for me to come pick it up in May.

Mid-May I returned to the store. My annuals had grown enormously during the time I had left them at the store. I got instructions on fertilizing and watering and with an encouraging "You can do this", I went back home.

At home I put the plastic pots with the flowers in my own terracotta pots - I am not a huge fan of plastic pots - and watered the plants immediately. Almost a whole watering can disappeared in each pot. I could not believe the reservoirs to have such a large capacity.

Already a week later, the plants bloom in abundance. It's a beautiful sight to have four of these pots in the back garden. At this very moment, the flowers in each pot fill need nearly a square meter of space. It's overwhelming.

Once a week, I water the plants with a spoonful of the manure supplied when I bought the pots. I don not know what they have put in it, but they call it turbo manure.

I fully agree!

Two pots either sites the rose arch....

..... two more.

The same pot Mid May.

Surfinia 'Sky Blue'

The combination, 'Sea Breeze'.

They look fantastic.... the morning light.

The nursery "d' Onruste".

All these beautiful plants!

It is difficult to chose.

The pot with the water tank.

All these colors....

Maybe this one next year?

Monday, 22 June 2015

Open garden days, June 2015.

Open garden days June 2015.

Last Friday and Saturday, my garden was open to the public. It has been two fantastic days. We had the weather on our side; both days it stayed dry and even the sun was shining occasionally. All the fragrant roses were flowering and the perennials were beautifully in bloom. The visitors were enthusiastic.

After two days talking to so many people, I do not know what to tell you. I just want to relax and reflect!

But for those of you who could not visit the garden, the photo’s.....

Allium Schubertii

Rosa Constance Spry

Rosa Blush Noisette

Clematis Durandii

Rosa Evelyn


Back yard.

Yellow and blue garden.

White garden.

Pink border


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Sunday, 14 June 2015

GBBD June, for me it is.... peonies!

June. Where to start to write about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day? In my garden are so many flowers. Well I have chosen the peonies. After all they flower only this month.

In the first week of June common peony starts to bloom. This shrub is a very old one. When we bought the house - 35 years ago – it was already in the garden. The flowers open with soft pink petals on the outside. The inside is filled with hundreds of tiny petals in cream. After a few days the flower will change to white. At the same time the red heart becomes visible.

But there are more peonies in my garden. For example P. "Jan van Leeuwen. It is a white peony, with yellow stamens. It flowers only a very short time, so I would not buy it again. Much better is P. 'Laura Dessert'. A shell pink coloured peony with countless flowers that stay beautiful for a long time. It is one of my favourites.

Another favourite, but this time for a sentimental point of view, is P. 'Sarah Bernhardt'. This peony comes from the garden of my parents. This peony is often offered on the market as a cut flower. It has strong stems and thick pink double flowers that do well in the vase.

Occasionally people complain that their peonies do not want to bloom. In that case usually the peony is planted too deep. The 'nose' of the peonies should stand above the surface. (With noses I mean the red growing points coming from the root.) In that case, lift the plant a little higher with a spading fork or plant it again.

Meanwhile for about two weeks I am enjoying these delightful flowers. Single, double or filled, it makes no difference to me.

Have you any space left in the garden? Plant a peony. A very strong plant with flowers, to die for!

Common peony starting to flower in pink and cream

After a few days, the colour is white.

You can see the red coloured heart.

Paeonia 'Jan van Leeuwen'

Paeonia 'Laura Dessert'

  A beautiful one.

P. 'Sarah Bernhardt'

Three peonies in the garden, 'Jan van Leeuwen', 'Sarah Bernhardt' and  'Laura Dessert'.

In a vase P. 'Sarah Bernhardt'.

Paeonia 'Crincled White'

Paeonia 'Gay border June'

A new one in my garden, P. 'Amalia Olson'

More about Garden Bloggers Bloom Day on the website of Carol

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Monday, 8 June 2015

Scented flowers and plants.

The other day, on my way back home, I stopped at the waterside of the Oosterschelde. I opened the window of my car and smelled: salty air, mixed with seaweed and diesel. That is Zeeland. But closing my eyes, I was back in Brittany! Scent immediately evokes memories.

Floral fragrances evoke memories to me too. Matthiola, the plant with the strong scent, always brings me back to my childhood. My mother once put a bouquet of night-scented stock in the room. The scent was so overwhelming we could not bear it inside the house! The same goes for me, with hyacinths. In my opinion they scent wonderful, but only on the table outside!

At this moment the roses are starting to flower and I enjoy various rose scents. They bring lots of memories to me. E.g. the rose ‘Mme Alfred Carrière’ brings back memories of warm summer evenings and Rose 'Fantin Latour’ reminds me of open garden days. In rose 'Blanche Fleur' I smell the soap my grandmother used to use.

There are also flowers with a surprising scent, like Iris germanica 'Night Ruler'. An almost black iris, with the smell of ... .chocolate!

Not only flowers, but also leafs can provide a scent of emotion. The leafs of Geranium macrorrhizum 'White Ness' smells like lemon. When I close my eyes I'm in the shed of my neighbour, where she kept the geraniums during the winter period. The spicy scented leafs of Cistus bring me back to a fiercely hot southern France.

Fragrant flowers and plants. They can evoke a lot of emotions and they make you travel in time!

The garden is open to the public June 19 and 20.

Matthiola incana. Strong scented flowers!

Hyacint. On the table outside. 

Rosa 'Mme Alfred Carriere'. 

Rosa 'Fantin Latour'. Superb scent.

Rosa 'Blanche Fleur.' 

close up. Rosa 'Blanche Fleur'.

Iris germanica 'Night Ruler'. Smells like chocolate!

Geranium 'White Ness' has lemon scented leafs. 

Cistus, reminds me of hot southern France.

Everyone's favorite. Lathyrus odoratus.

Viola, a modest scent in summer.

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