Sunday, 24 November 2013

Vintage chic and supermarket roses.

Last week was an endless coming and going of showers. I have been soaked many times and countless times I had to run inside to hide from the showers. It made me pretty grumpy!

Fortunately my girlfriend dragged me to the recycle shop. I try to avoid this store whenever possible. Every time I am in this shop, I am tempted to buy something. And already I have so many nice things! My girlfriend could not find what she was looking for, but as always, I found a lot of things to my taste.

E.g. dazzling crystal wine glasses in a display cabinet. I had to have these straight away. Also a vase that I could use. Because I had recently broken one, this purchase was of course justified.

Next I went to the supermarket and bought myself a beautiful bunch of roses and also Alstroemeria to put into my new vase .

Back home my bad temper had gone and the rain did not bother me anymore. In the kitchen I fetched some nice dinnerware that suited my purchases. Next I photographed this setup to share it with you .

Vintage chic and supermarket roses . That makes the sun shine!


Supermarket roses

Crystal wine glasses

Wine glasses and the vase

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Planting special bulbs.

This year I ordered some really special bulbs; Frittilaria persica . In spring, bell shaped flowers in a dark color appear from the 90 cm high stems. On the picture these looks beautiful.

Acquiring these beauties appeared not out of the blue. Jan Deen ( was telling enthusiastically about these particular bulbs. I also read on the internet that Frittilaria persica is not eaten by deer. So my mind was made up: I wanted to have these bulbs!

The bulb of Frittilaria is impressively large. In the middle of the bulb there is a deep hole. That is the place where the flower stem was in an earlier stage.

Because of this hole it is important to plant the bulb at its side. Otherwise water will stay in the hole and the bulb will rot. That is definitely not what you want, because these Frittilaria bulbs are quite expensive.

Together with these dark Frittilaria's I have planted the purple tulips 'Blue Diamond' and 'Blue Parrot'. To even spice up this combination, I also planted the botanical tulip 'linifolia’ in flaming red. A bold combination against the white wall of our house!

For those of you who love these bulbs, there is also a white variety. This is called Frittilaria persica 'Ivory Bells'. With beautiful green/white bells. Imagine a combination with white tulips and white daffodils . Mmmm, lovely.

I must admit, the Frittilaria persica cost me small fortune. But all that will be forgotten next spring when they are in bloom!

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Frittilaria persica

Bulbs in the basket

The hole in the bulb

The bulb on its side

After that the tulips are planted

Tulipa 'Blue Parrot'

Tulipa 'Blue Diamond''

Tulipa linifolia

Sunday, 10 November 2013

Autumn , the last blooming roses .

Here on the coast, the wind is blowing like crazy. Spicy showers are being followed by bright spells of sun. I am working as hard as I can, to get my thousands of flowerbulbs in the ground. Occasionally I run inside to hide from the showers.

The last roses that are blooming can not hide. These are at the mercy of the elements. I stop planting bulbs to take pictures of the roses. After all, there is a season to everything.

In the front yard yellow roses are still flowering. They thrive best because these get the most sunlight. However, these are exposed to the stormy wind too. I have decided to cut these off as well and put them in a vase. Once in the room immediately there is a smell of summer sweetness.

In another part of the garden some white roses still bloom. Rosa ' Yvonne Rabier ' blooms generous all summer with small bunches of flowers. Also whit white flowers, rosa 'Maria Mathilda . I 'm not a big fan of her. Why ? She blooms only occasionally and with a small amount of flowers, at least in my garden.

Rosa ' Bonica ' flourishes in pink. Nonetheless the strong wind, I have managed to take a sharp picture of this rose. Furthermore blossoms rosa ' Tapis Volant '. I have planted this single rose last year and it is doing fine. In the end I also found a flower on the old-fashioned rose 'Blush Noisette  . Very touching that delicate pink.

End of October. The rose season ends at the dawn of the storm.

Luckily, we still got the pictures!
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The last roses of the season

Rosa ' The Pilgrim',  R. 'Golden Border' and R. 'Windrush'

Rosa 'Yvonne Rabier'

Rosa 'Maria Mathilda'

Rosa 'Bonica'

Rosa 'Tapis Volant'

Rosa 'Blush Noisette'


Sunday, 3 November 2013

DIY . Painting old flower pots.

A few weeks ago I saw a great idea on the inspiring Swedish blog of Hakan ( ). He had been planting blue-painted flower pots with white crocusses. I wanted to imitate that.

In spirit with my dad’s slogan "What can I find in the barn and can it be done today" I began to search for materials.

At the barn’s attic a lot of old flower pots had been waiting there for at least 30 years for me to come up with a hunch. These were perfect for this project. I also had a tester of wall paint from the series Le Noir & Blanc, Color Hampton blue, that I bought some weeks ago. So I could get started right away!

First I cleaned the pots with a brush. Then I painted them with the blue wall paint. With the amount of paint from the tester you can easily do 20 small flower pots . The job was done in a jiffy. In the evening I called Jan Deen ( to order 100 white crocusses Jeanne d’Arc.

The bulbs arrived this week. I started planting the blue painted pots with the white crocusses immediately.

For those of you who want to enjoy spring in March, now is the time to buy bulbs and to plant them.

I cannot wait ....

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On the table, old flowerpots and paint

Crocussus Jeanne d'Arc

Outside, blue painted flowerpots.