Monday, 26 January 2015

The frozen garden.

The frozen garden.

Last Friday it was a perfect day to take pictures of the garden. The night before we had a little frost (- 4) and there is some sunshine predicted too. I rose early to capture the frozen garden with my camera.

The rose 'The Pilgrim' is the first to be touched by the sunlight. The other day, it was a withered rose, but today covered in frost, it looks like a rose from a fairy tale.

Snowdrops are limp to the ground. They extract water from the cells to protect itself against frost. If the temperature is above zero, in no time they will stand upright.

Suddenly the sun arrives in the backyard. The red chard delivers stunning images. Surprisingly how everything looks so much better with a little bit of frost on it.

The sun is powerful already. In a few moments the beautiful frozen topic has melted. I am amazed how fast it all goes. It’s gone within a blink of an eye.

One frosty day.

Enjoy the pictures!

Tree peony seed head.

Simple grasses. I love it. 

The fence at the roadside is more beautiful than ever.

Snowdrops limp to the ground.

Spiked frost on a snowdrop.

Helleborus always beautiful.

I like these red leaves of Chart.

Beautiful colours.

This looks like an abstract painting.

Poppy leaves.

Covered with frost...

Within a blink of an eye the frost is melted.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

My favorite weekend flower.

"Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better." 

Albert Einstein

Fijn weekend!

Monday, 19 January 2015

How I try to lose weight and why my birds get fatter.

“Would you like to join me indoor skiing?” My husband asked me. Skiing? Of course I would!

A little worried though, I searched my wardrobe for my ski suit. I realized that I did not wear it since 15 years ago. Would it still fit me?

I tried it on. It felt rather tight. It made me feel like a sausage! Luckily I have still a few days left to lose some weight. A crash diet should be the best option. A lot of water, no wine, no chocolate and certainly no homemade cake!

So rather than baking a cake for us this week, I “baked” a cake for the birds in my garden. I took a silicone baking “tin” (very much recommended) and put the birdseed in it. Furthermore I melted some fat in a saucepan and pored it over the birdseed into the tin. Finally I put the tin outside, to congeal the total mixture.

The “cake” - once freed from the tin - looks fantastic. I was very satisfied. The birds will be ever so pleased with this cake, most probably for different reasons though! I put the cake on a garden table and placed it nearby my French doors.

Sitting in my living room I patiently await the birds coming to eat. I wait and wait and wait some more…however no sign of a bird. Is my cake not tasty enough, or is there still plenty of food in the garden? Or are the birds on a crash diet too?

After a few days the birds finally started to eat from my cake. Just like I started to eat too!

The ingredients to make a bird cake. 

The final result.

It looks tasty.

No sign of a bird.

After a few days..

Several birds are eating from my cake.

So my birds fatten..

And I hope to lose some weight!

Finally a warm welcome to all new followers of my blog. 

Thanks for hosting, 

Monday, 12 January 2015

Garden Bloggers Bloom Day. January 2015.

Snow white flowers.

How special they are! The flowers which are now blooming in my garden are all white. I like this purity of white flowers. It is a good colour to start the gardening season.

Furthermore a warm welcome to all new followers.

Have a Happy Blooms Day!

Galanthus flore pleno

Narcissus Paper White.


Helleborus orientalis.

Helleborus orientalis.

Helleborus niger.

Lunaria annua.

Galanthus elwesii.

Monday, 5 January 2015

A promising start of the new garden season.

Galanthus 'Happy New Year' opened its flowers on the first day of January. I was so exited. These are the very first snowdrops to flower in my garden this year. 

I bought the bulbs last autumn at the stand of Peter Nijssen. He is a supplier of special bulbs. I’ll admit, I bought these snowdrops just because I liked the name. These snowdrops are in fact a curiosity by themselves. They were first found in a batch of Galanthus elwesii. The bulbs are quite large, the size of a walnut. So you get good value for your money!

To have a snowdrop flowering so early in the season is just wonderful. Hopefully they will multiply quickly.

The other snowdrops I have planted in previous years are showing signs of sprouting, but it will still take some weeks before these will flower.

I think it is a promising start of the gardening season and therefore I would like to say just like my Galanthus:

Happy New Year!


Galanthus 'Happy New Year'

G. 'Happy New Year' has a normal pattern; a single green mark.

But normal is also beautiful.

The other snowdrops are emerging, but it will take some time to see these flowering.