Monday, 29 September 2014

Japanese Anemone. A beautiful plant I have to dispel.

Last week I have been eradicating my beautiful anemones (Anemone japonica). Why you might ask? Let me explain.

In former days, my anemones looked fine in my box garden. I liked the contrast of the formality of the box hedges against the looseness of the anemones.

However, I had to dig up all the box hedges because of box blight. After the box hedges had gone, I kept the anemones. But without the tightness of the box hedges the anemones look chaotic. By the time they are all flowering, it becomes just too much.

So I decided to dig out all the anemones. Easier said than done, because the Japanese anemones are known for an invasive root system. Everybody warned me that it would be very hard if not impossible to fully eradicate these plants. But I am determant to succeed.

Now the anemones have gone (or should I say are not visible at this moment?) I am left with eight empty spaces in my garden. What a lot of opportunities!

However still the odd chance that the anemones have gone underground, or at least their roots have….  Waiting to battle me!


Anemone japonica.

I really like them.
Beautiful flowers.
But sometimes it is a little too much.
The box garden in former times. I like the contrast.
The garden last week. Eight empty spaces!

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Monday, 22 September 2014

Delphiniums, can they flower twice a year?

I order to have my Delphiniums to flower twice this year, I have tried a little experiment with these plants.

I cut back one part of the Delphiniums to the ground after flowering. The other part of the Delphiniums I did not cut at all. Meanwhile - it is mid September- the results of my experiment are visible.

The plants I did not cut back at all look rather sad. Only some brown stakes have remained. At the base of these, a few new leaves have appeared. These plants will not flower again this year, that is for sure.

The plants I cut back after flowering look very healthy at the moment. Massive flower stems in heavenly blue appear above the green foliage! I did not expect the results to be so completely different.

So, …..after flowering, I can recommend to be brutal with your secateurs and cut the plant down completely. Your Delphinium will say thank you by flowering again!

Finally, here are some pictures, let us melt away at these beautiful blues....


Delphinium 'Grunberg'

Look at that blue.

Massive flowers.

Also in light blue.

Delphinium 'Oberon'.

Close up.
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Monday, 15 September 2014

Garden Blogger Booms Day. September 2014.

For the last two weeks we have had lovely sunny weather. The garden is filled with flowers. It looks like summer returns! 

Although the sunshine, now and again I see some colored leaves on the trees. Autumn is creeping in the garden.  Nevertheless, let's enjoy this wonderful pictures of late summer blooms day!

You will find more stories about my garden in the blog archive. 

Groetjes from Holland and have a nice Garden Bloggers Blooms Day! 



Kalimeris alba. Flowering for ever!

Rosa Mme. Alfred Carriere.

Wild vine.
Seeds of the tree peony. They look like candy. 

Autumn leaves. 

Apples on the tree. This one is called Goudreinet 'Schone van Boskoop'.

Dahlia 'Naomi'

Bouquet of Autumn flowers on the garden table.

Monday, 8 September 2014

September. Roses on my table.

Last week it was lovely weather. It even feels like summer, but it is in fact September. I even have been to the beach several times!

Last autumn I planted Rosa ‘La Rose de Molinard’ ‘and Rosa Sommerwind, and they seem to enjoy the sunny weather too. They flourished really well.

‘Rose de Molinard’ has a very strong rose fragrance. A disadvantage is that she has had some trouble to come out of the buds. Next year as the roses are more established, I hope this will be better.

The rose ‘Sommerwind’ has fulfilled my expectations. She flowered all through the summer. The flower looks like Rosa 'Bonica'. Only the shrub is smaller. (45 cm high)

I picked some of both roses together with Astrantia and Kalimeris. So you can enjoy this flower arrangement too.

A summer week in September……… That is my cup of tea!


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'Rose de Molinard'

Rosa 'Sommerwind' and Astrantia.

My cup of tea and roses in my favorite candy tin.

Roses, Kalimeris, Lathyrus and Astrantia

September sun in the garden.

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