Narcissus that will make you jealous.

Last spring I received from a friend of mine, who lives in the centre of the country, this email.

Hi Hetty,

Do you know the name of this daffodil? It is a very sweet looking daffodil, 20 cm high, and the market man did not know better than to call it a 'grass daffodil’.  

Greets Y 

She added the picture above. 

I answered: 

Hi Y, 

This daffodil is known as a petticoat daffodil. Isn’t that a lovely name? I have been wanting to buy these daffodils for years, but somehow I never did. The other day I read in Peter Nijssen’s catalogue that this daffodil needs a sunny spot and a soil not too dry. It’s full name is: Narcissus bulbocodium subsp. bulbocodium. What a name! I do not think you can sell a bulb with a name like that in a garden centre! 

Greets Hetty 


Of course I was a little bit jealous of the beautiful daffodils my friend had bought. So, last autumn I finally took the plunge and bought a 100 of these petticoat daffodils. I even found a spot to plant them in in the backyard! The species I bought is called Narcissus 'Spoirot’. It is named after Hercule Poirot; the detective from the novels of Agatha Christie. 

The daffodils are in bloom now, and I have read on the Internet that they can flower for 42 days. That's great news because I will be able to enjoy the lemon coloured flowers for a long time. To admire these flowers however, I will have to lie down on my belly, because the flowers are only 10 cm high. 

Nevertheless I can recommend Narcissus' Spoirot’. You will always find a spot for such a small daffodil. For your own garden, you should really be investigating them!

The daffodils in my garden

Is it not lovely?
They say they flower for 42 days!

I like the shape.


  1. Dear Hetty
    They are so fantastic!! I love them and I am jealous....
    Wonderful pictures !
    Thanks for the names.


  2. Dear Hetty, awhhhh... what a sweet little daffodil! I see it for the very first time on your blog. So glad that you got a hold of it and that it is blooming well now in your garden. Thanks for featuring it. It is always nice to get acquainted with new plants :-).
    Warm regards,

  3. Yes, I am jealous of your spoirot, but you knew I would be, didn't you? And, 42 days?! That has to be a record amongst daffodils!


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