Easter. Flower arrangement for dummies.

Suddenly it has become quite busy in our village, with tourists driving back and forth. I take a look at the calendar, Oops! Easter is due in less than a week!

So, time to make an Easter decoration. A have made a decoration that can be made by anyone, including "flower-arranging-dummies" with two left hands.

This is what you will need:

Two vases. The vases I use are not watertight that is why I use two glass jars that fit into the vases.
I have taken some green foliage from the garden, boxwood is very suitable.
Two stems of Helleborus.
Some moss, sadly I have enough of that in my garden.
A few plastic eggs.

This is how I have made it:

I have put the water in the jars and arranged the green foliage in it.
Make a slight cut in the stem of the Helleborus over a length of 5 cm with a knife. This is important, because otherwise they will quickly hang limp.
Put the Helleborus together with the green foliage.
Than, put the jars in the vases and lay some moss around the edge.
Finally decorate the moss with the eggs.

I have placed the vases in my kitchen window. Thus they are on an slightly higher position and I can see them better. Anyway I can enjoy the beautiful flowers much better inside the house than in the garden!

Happy Easter!

Everything you need.

Incise the stems in for at least 5 cm.

Put the jar in the vase and cover the rim of the jar with some moss.

Add some (plastic) eggs.


The kitchen window sill. I can enjoy the flowers.

Close up, Helleborus. Happy Easter!


  1. Dear Hetty

    Lovely decoration- so fine with the eggs.
    Helleborus is fantastic, deliat colour - fine macro.

    Happy easter to you!


  2. Dear Hetty, what a great, easy-to-do and simple flower arrangement for Easter! Thanks for sharing this idea. I love picking blooms from the own garden and bring them indoors to enjoy and it is so much more environmentally friendly than buying florist blooms which are often very heavily treated with pesticides and artificial fertilizers.
    I better get up some Easter decoration as well, now :-)!
    Warm regards,

  3. I am most definitely a flower-arranging dummy. I think what I like most about the arrangement is the moss that makes a sort of nest for the eggs. No moss here, though, so I'll just have to enjoy your arrangements!

  4. I have two left hands (at least), so this is for me. And the result is just beautiful!
    Happy Easter :)

  5. Lovely photos on sun and flowers! Happy Easter!

  6. Absolutely Lovely! :) Nice tips and prictures! Have a Happy Easter! :) Mia

  7. Lovely arrangements. Så beautiful. Happy Easter.

  8. Beautiful! You are quite good at it:) A happy Easter to you!


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