Planting special bulbs.

This year I ordered some really special bulbs; Frittilaria persica . In spring, bell shaped flowers in a dark color appear from the 90 cm high stems. On the picture these looks beautiful.

Acquiring these beauties appeared not out of the blue. Jan Deen ( was telling enthusiastically about these particular bulbs. I also read on the internet that Frittilaria persica is not eaten by deer. So my mind was made up: I wanted to have these bulbs!

The bulb of Frittilaria is impressively large. In the middle of the bulb there is a deep hole. That is the place where the flower stem was in an earlier stage.

Because of this hole it is important to plant the bulb at its side. Otherwise water will stay in the hole and the bulb will rot. That is definitely not what you want, because these Frittilaria bulbs are quite expensive.

Together with these dark Frittilaria's I have planted the purple tulips 'Blue Diamond' and 'Blue Parrot'. To even spice up this combination, I also planted the botanical tulip 'linifolia’ in flaming red. A bold combination against the white wall of our house!

For those of you who love these bulbs, there is also a white variety. This is called Frittilaria persica 'Ivory Bells'. With beautiful green/white bells. Imagine a combination with white tulips and white daffodils . Mmmm, lovely.

I must admit, the Frittilaria persica cost me small fortune. But all that will be forgotten next spring when they are in bloom!

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Frittilaria persica

Bulbs in the basket

The hole in the bulb

The bulb on its side

After that the tulips are planted

Tulipa 'Blue Parrot'

Tulipa 'Blue Diamond''

Tulipa linifolia