Vintage chic and supermarket roses.

Last week was an endless coming and going of showers. I have been soaked many times and countless times I had to run inside to hide from the showers. It made me pretty grumpy!

Fortunately my girlfriend dragged me to the recycle shop. I try to avoid this store whenever possible. Every time I am in this shop, I am tempted to buy something. And already I have so many nice things! My girlfriend could not find what she was looking for, but as always, I found a lot of things to my taste.

E.g. dazzling crystal wine glasses in a display cabinet. I had to have these straight away. Also a vase that I could use. Because I had recently broken one, this purchase was of course justified.

Next I went to the supermarket and bought myself a beautiful bunch of roses and also Alstroemeria to put into my new vase .

Back home my bad temper had gone and the rain did not bother me anymore. In the kitchen I fetched some nice dinnerware that suited my purchases. Next I photographed this setup to share it with you .

Vintage chic and supermarket roses . That makes the sun shine!


Supermarket roses

Crystal wine glasses

Wine glasses and the vase