Autumn , the last blooming roses .

Here on the coast, the wind is blowing like crazy. Spicy showers are being followed by bright spells of sun. I am working as hard as I can, to get my thousands of flowerbulbs in the ground. Occasionally I run inside to hide from the showers.

The last roses that are blooming can not hide. These are at the mercy of the elements. I stop planting bulbs to take pictures of the roses. After all, there is a season to everything.

In the front yard yellow roses are still flowering. They thrive best because these get the most sunlight. However, these are exposed to the stormy wind too. I have decided to cut these off as well and put them in a vase. Once in the room immediately there is a smell of summer sweetness.

In another part of the garden some white roses still bloom. Rosa ' Yvonne Rabier ' blooms generous all summer with small bunches of flowers. Also whit white flowers, rosa 'Maria Mathilda . I 'm not a big fan of her. Why ? She blooms only occasionally and with a small amount of flowers, at least in my garden.

Rosa ' Bonica ' flourishes in pink. Nonetheless the strong wind, I have managed to take a sharp picture of this rose. Furthermore blossoms rosa ' Tapis Volant '. I have planted this single rose last year and it is doing fine. In the end I also found a flower on the old-fashioned rose 'Blush Noisette  . Very touching that delicate pink.

End of October. The rose season ends at the dawn of the storm.

Luckily, we still got the pictures!
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The last roses of the season

Rosa ' The Pilgrim',  R. 'Golden Border' and R. 'Windrush'

Rosa 'Yvonne Rabier'

Rosa 'Maria Mathilda'

Rosa 'Bonica'

Rosa 'Tapis Volant'

Rosa 'Blush Noisette'