Winter blues?

The meteorological winter may be already one week old, but it still feels like autumn! Because of strong winds the rain comes in almost horizontally. And clouds so low they almost touch the ground. It is hard not to feel the winter blues!

I try to keep my spirit up by looking at the pictures I made last summer. Especially series of pictures that never featured in my blog, because in summer there is simply too much going on.

One of those is the one I made of my Versailles vases. These iron vases are at my kitchen windowsill. By the way, I always put a little jam jar in the Versailles vases, because they are not watertight.

In summertime every now and again I make small bouquet from the flowers in my garden and put these in the vases. What a pleasure to watch whilst washing the dishes.

These pictures of colourful bouquets instantly make me feel better. So we just have to deal with this boring winter period, but the pictures of the summer before can help a lot.

Still, with 12 degrees it is not cold at all. Last week I even had to mow the lawn. And behold some snowdrops are already blooming close to my front door.

Snowdrops. They make my winter blues disappears like snow in the sun!

Winter. Cyclamen are flowering for months.

Lovely flowers.

I like the coloured leaves. 

Spring. Jam jars, Box and Helleborus orientalis.

These make an simple Easter arrangement.

Kitchen window sill.


I have plenty of flowers in the garden.

For instance Lathyrus.

I like to see these flower arrangements.

Summer bouquet.

Autumn. Dried Hortensia flowers.

I added a smal battery operated light set.

Snowdrops, they can make winter blues disappear like snow in the sun. 

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  1. Dear Hetty, I love your Versailles vases and the different arrangements you created for them over the course of a year. My favorite are the colorful summer bouquets, but I think that the dried Hydrangeas with the tiny lights are perfect for the autumn/winter. I have seen these mini lights in Germany, where I am right now as well, but not in California. Hope I can find them there, too, soon.
    It is amazing that your snowdrops are already blooming! I share you love for these little winter bloomers.
    Warm regards,

  2. Four seasons of bouquets! Well done. All are so beautiful and cheery. Our little creek is flooding the lower section of our yard. I'd rather see some snow!

  3. Your photos are so beautiful! So elegant! :)

  4. The flowers are gorgeous and your photographs are wonderful. I really enjoyed them.

  5. The snowdrops are just so cute! I love the different arrangements--the are so unique.

  6. Beautiful photos to forget the depressing weather...


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