Hyacinth experiment. I already regret it.

My daughter gave me an old preserving jar. You can have it Mom she said; I do not need it anymore. "You will certainly regret this," I responded.

Next day, I already got an idea what to do with this jar. I would try to force Hyacinths in it. An experiment! With some pebbles on the bottom it should be possible. Because one jar is not really making an impact, I decided to have a windowsill full of Hyacinths. Fortunate enough, I have still plenty of preserving jars in the barn. I took the jars from the barn inside and washed them thoroughly.

With some black pebbles on the bottom it looks right instantly. I place the Hyacinth bulbs on the pebbles, a little water and voilà, job done.

After that I put the jars on the windowsill next to my computer desk. This way I can watch them grow. However, I hear a voice in my head: Is this is the right way to do Hetty? My mother used to force Hyacinths on glass too. She placed them in the basement….…

A little search on the Internet teaches me that only specially prepared Hyacinths can be forced indoors. The other ones just need to have a cold period. And, to make things worse, they must be placed in the dark too.

I don’t know whether my bulbs are prepared or not, so I put all the jars back into the barn. I place them into a box and cover them with a jacket to keep the light out.

This experiment started so easy and on a high note, but it has got me into a mountain of troubles right away. What to do when it starts freezing? All my old preserving jars will be frozen!

On second thoughts I don’t think my daughter does regret giving me the preserving jar, but.......

I already regret the experiment!

The preserving jar, my daughter gave to me. 

It looks beautiful.

But a windowsill full of preserving jars looks even better!

Old preserving jar from the flee market.

I love the details.

Experiment. Hyacinth on stones.

Hyacint bulb.

Cosy together in a jar.

I have to wait for a long time..., I already regret this experiment!

Wish I had planted them out in the garden....

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  1. Dear Hetty, the hyacinth bulbs in the preserving jars look sooo... beautiful. If you wouldn't be striving for blooms that would have been a lovely autumn decoration by itself.
    I know that forcing hyacinths can be tricky. I did it in previous years myself including a chilling period of six weeks in the refrigerator but this year decided not to fumble with them and force some Paperwhites instead. They are so much easier to handle. One has already a blooms.
    Hope you find a way to get your hyacinths to flower!
    Warm regards,

  2. Perhaps you can transplant them later, but in the meanwhile they have brightened your house!
    Thank you for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2015/12/beautiful-saint-maarten.html

  3. Hello Hetty, this is my first visit to your place.
    I was fascinated to read about forcing the hyacinth bulbs. It's something that I've never even heard of never mind tried.
    I've got a plant dilemma at the moment... I had a beautiful canna lily in a large pot in my garden but I have nowhere to store it inside or protected from the harsh frosts of Bonnie Scotland. So I've wrapped it in bubble wrap!
    Lots of bubble wrap. So I'm carrying out my own experiment.
    Have a great week and good luck with the hyacinths ;D

  4. Beautiful, I have never tried to grow them on rocks, looks pretty easy!

  5. A good idea - but you certainly need prepared bulbs!
    I put unprepared in pots in my greenhouse. The bloom beautifully in early spring/late winter. Dark purple ones, called 'Woodstock'.


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