Apologies to Guinevere.

Dierama Guinevere
Dear Guinevere,

By way of this letter I want to offer you my sincere apologies for the negative blog post I wrote about you last year. (read the post) I should have known that you, as a diva plant from England, deserve a better treatment than the one you received from me.

It was my mistake to plant you close to the yew hedge. That spot is much too dry for you. I should have known better. My apologies.

Also, I was angry with you as you did not bloom after I cut you in two and transplanted the pieces. I should have known better. My apologies.

I should have empathized more with your needs as a diva. My apologies.

However, as I visited England last year and went to Wisley gardens, I noticed your species grows very well in gravel. I also learned from a grower that you are fond of liquid tomato fertilizer. I did not know that.

That is why I have sprinkled gravel around your feet this year. Every week I have given you liquid tomato fertilizer. I have to admit, it’s from the cheap Action shop, but as a diva you got over that.

And then suddenly ....... you started to bloom. After four years! And like a diva, you made a great appearance with a large number of beautiful soft pink flowers. I humbly went down on my knees to take a picture of your flowers.

Dear Guinevere. I was unaware of the treatment you wanted and perhaps needed. I do hope you will forgive me for my ignorance.

Yours sincerely,

Dierama Guinevere
Dierama Guinevere 
Dierama Guinevere


  1. Your diva plant looks beautiful Hetty! Good you kept her! Lovely letter! I think you are a very skilled writer. The way you write about gardening is very unique and humorous. Have you ever thought about making a book out of your post entries? A gardening book by Hetty. That would be definitely nice!
    Best wishes,


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