Dierama. A love story.

On one of my garden trips in the UK I visited the famous Great Dixter garden. There I saw the pink flowering plant for the first time in ‘the sunken garden’. I immediately fell in love with this extraordinary plant. I bought some seeds and with a lot of patience I managed to raise two plants. After two years they started flowering.

Every year when the beautiful pink flowers appear again, I am sitting next to them in awe. The flowers move on every sigh of wind. Those flowers, enchanting!

But, is a gardener ever satisfied? Is it ever enough? No. In another UK garden I saw a Dierama plant for sale. Dierama ‘Guinevere’, that name alone makes you have to have it! So, the plant went home with me.

Guinevere has been in my garden for three years now. Flowers? Alas none! Where is she waiting for? For her lover Lancelot?

For that reason, I will strictly address her. You will have to flower! Otherwise I will dig you out!

Sometimes that helps.



 I am in love.

Stunning beauty.

 Dierama Guinevere. Never seen a flower.

I have seen a dark red variety in England. Mmmm! Must-have!


  1. This is a beautiful plant...I love it!

  2. I can understand why you love these flowers, exquisite! Alas, they would die in my hot Florida yard so I must just enjoy the photos.

  3. Dear Hetty, I also have seen pink Dierama in the sunken garden at Great Dixter for the first time and it left a lasting impression on me. I tried to acquire it in San Diego, but alas no luck.
    Just a few days ago I came across an online source and saw them again. They are not for sale right now, but I will try to order immediately the moment they are up for sale again!
    Your pink variety is very lovely. The dark burgundy one I haven't seen yet, but that one is to die for.
    Enjoy your fairy tale beauties.
    Warm regards,


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