One day at Hidcote Manor Garden.

Do you also gasp for flowers in this time of the year? That is why I search for pictures of flowers in my computer files. Doing so the pictures of Hidcote Manor Garden appear. Hidcote. Just what I need right now!

We visited this garden again last summer. In my opinion it is one of the most beautiful gardens in England. Years ago, we visited this garden too.

As we have passed the pay desk, we step into the room of Major Laurence Johnson who used to be the owner. I cannot remember I have visited this room before. Did I miss it the first time? My husband and I agree that we most certainly would like to live in this room. If you could just sit behind his desk - which you are not allowed to! - you would have a magnificent view over the garden.

We leave the house and enter the garden. Major Laurence Johnson has been working on this garden for 40 years. Nowadays the National Trust owns the garden. There is so much to see. The borders, perfectly maintained, have beautiful colour combinations. The century-old trees, the topiary yew hedges, the paving, everything is very tasteful. Even the neighbouring houses match with the garden design.

It strikes me that some borders have been replanted recently. They have used many annuals to camouflage the empty spots. That's something to remember for my own garden!

We sit on every bench in the garden. It's nice to view the garden from different angles. I often jump up from the bench. What kind of plant is that, I ask myself? What is growing under that tree? I jump up to take a picture very often too. I just want to capture the whole garden.

But that is quite impossible. You just have to let the garden sink in, analyse, process, evaluate it, and on a dull winter day .....


The study of the Major.

Even the neighboring houses match.

In the background Hidcote Manor.

These borders have been recently replanted. 

Do you see the annual planting?

Striking combination.

A small building with a large view!

Close up. What a beautiful combination.

The paving.

The pond, 50 shades of green.

Another pond, with many colours!

Major Laurence Johnson in his garden.

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  1. Dear Hetty, I was so excited when I saw that you did another post on Hidcote Manor! Since I visited this garden last year as well, I was very curious how you saw it through your lens. The planting, in parts, is different from what I recall. May I ask at what time you visited Hidcote?
    You have a great way to take photos. I really enjoyed reading your post and admiring all the extraordinary plant combinations that Hidcote is so famous for.
    Have a good start into the new week!
    Warm regards,

    1. Dear Christina , we visited the garden in August

  2. It certainly is a beautiful garden. I'd love to go and see it. Thanks for the tour round round the garden - and the description and guidance:)

  3. Dear Hetty,
    thank you for sharing your beautiful pictures of Hidcote Manor! It is great to look at garden pictures this time of the year. Must have been lovely to visit such a famous English garden. I myself haven´t yet had the joy to visit gardens in England, but this year I am going to visit Mottisfont and Sissinghurst and I am so much looking forward to it.
    Best wishes,

  4. Kære Hetty!
    Tak for turen til Hidcote!Det må være spændende at se det i virkeligheden.
    Nabohuset ser også godt ud,-det kunne være et spændende sted at bo!
    Jeg kunne tænke mig at komme på haverejse til England,men synes ikke jeg kan forlade min have i sommerperioden.
    K.h. Lise

  5. Wow! A perfect time for watching photos from beautiful gardens and get inspired...
    Oh, yes I use annuals as Lion Gap, Nicotiana and Dahlias in between.

  6. I agree, a very special garden. I also visited Hidcote last summer. I think it now has matured to its peak, something L Johnston was never able to see. Pity!

  7. You can never get enough of English gardens, can you? Beautiful photos!


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