Phlox. The purple Countess.

On the grounds of the beautiful Beervelde estate in Belgium twice a year a large garden event is being held. This estate is located at Lochristi and is a one-hour drive by car from where I live. Last Friday I went there to buy plants.

To go to this garden fair never bores me. Whilst driving I realize this is perhaps the fifteenth time I go there. There is always this feel of excitement; will l find something special?

Again I am not disappointed. I find red flowering broad beans in the stand with special vegetable seeds. I saw these beans last summer in England. I buy two packages. After all, you never know whether they will germinate.

But the most important purchase this time is the Phlox. I have bought 16 of them. All purple. Phlox ' Gräfin von Schwerin' at the stand of Marcel de Wagt. It should be a very nice variety. I preordered some of these Phloxes. I have not seen this “Gräfin ” flowering before, but I trust his expertise.

A purple Gräfin (countess) bought at the estate of Beervelde. It can’t get any better.

Broke but completely satisfied I drive back home again. The backseat covered with purple Phloxes.

Impression of Beervelde.

Echinacea and Dahlia's are hot!

Bulbs for sale.

At the stand with special vegetable seeds I saw this beautiful necklace.

Who wants to buy this girl?

The owner of this car bought a lot of beautiful plants. 

Look what I bought.

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  1. Dear Hetty, that is indeed an extraordinary pretty Phlox! I am so glad you found it at Beervelde! Hope it does very well for you in your garden.
    I have read about Beervelde in other people's blogs and would wish I could go, too. It sounds like a wonderful plant festival and the location seems to be superb.
    Warm regards,

  2. Beautiful! I would wear that necklace!

  3. Wow, the colors are really awesome. I would have such a hard time if I had to select flowers for my garden! How gorgeous.

  4. I love all flowers. The Echinacea and dahlias are gorgeous!


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