What happens when you combine fruit trees with tulips.

apple blossom, bench
What happens when you combine fruit trees with tulips? The very moment the fruit trees start to blossom, a magical atmosphere is created.

I love fruit trees a lot. There are four of them in my garden. The plum tree always flowers first. The blossom is white. I have planted early tulips underneath the plum tree. My favourite tulip is Flaming Purissima. This large strong tulip flowers in different colour gradations. From creamy white to pink. It is a reliable tulip.

The pear tree flowers the following week. This tree is situated at the street side. As soon as the tree is in flower, people stop to take pictures of it. I understand that, because it is beautiful. In order to give the photo something extra for the photographers, I have planted a colourful mix of tulips underneath. A nice colourful bang against our white house.

Finally it is the turn of the apple trees. They are blooming at this very moment. Apple tree blossoms create a fairy-tale atmosphere transform in the backyard. The pink blossom eventually fade into white. I have chosen late flowering tulips under this white blossom. Soft pink: Tulip ‘Rosalie’, strong pink: Tulip ‘Barcelona’, salmon: Tulip ‘Dordogne’, and to give the whole combination some depth the black tulip, ‘Queen of Night’.

These colours seem to come from an ice cream parlour. Mmmm sorbet ice cream! Strawberry, raspberry, orange and blueberry. It is mouth-watering. The apple blossom is the whipped cream on my fantasy ice cream.

Whipped cream ..... as much as you would like. You will not gain weight!

plum tree blossom, tulip 'Flaming Purissima'

tulip 'Flaming Purissima'

pear blossom

pear blossom, tulips

apple blossom,

apple blossom, bench, tulips,

tulips, apple blossom, bench

apple blossom, tulips, bench


  1. Beautiful blossoms!
    Thank you for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2018/04/saints-among-us-then-and-now.html

  2. Dear Hetty,
    your garden looks magical! The colour combinations are lovely. I love the blossoms of fruit trees. I have an apricot tree in my garden, planted by my parents many years ago. As I wanted to have some more fruit trees in my garden I planted an espalier pear tree about a month ago. I also planted a pomegranate tree/bush.
    Enjoy spring!
    Best wishes,


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