GGBD January. A walk in the garden.

Until now, the winter has been mild. Walking outside I can hear the birds singing. They make typical spring sounds. Do they think it is spring already?

To enjoy the garden I have to go down on my belly. Snowdrops are blooming in the front garden, the first herald of spring. These snowdrops are called Galanthus Elwesii. They are more resistant to dry conditions and are slightly larger than regular snowdrops. Galanthus Elwesii is showing off. I love that in this time of the year. Next to the snowdrops is a rose. I can see some rosebuds already!

Soft pink cyclamen are blossoming under the plum tree. How cute do these little flowers look. In a pot, a little bit further away, I see leaves of anemone Coronaria ‘The Bride’. They will bloom together with the tulips 'White Triumphator'.

The green flowers of Helleborus corsicus has appeared at the side of the house. In a gap between the wall and the path, the plant has seed itself. A plant with initiative! To protect the pollen against the rain, the flowers of Helleborus are always faced downwards. As I lie down on the path, I can take a picture of the inside of the flowers.

Brrrr! The ground does not feel like spring, though. It is wet and cold.

Patience Hetty, patience!

Galanthus Elwesii, always first flowering


........ the flowers are only 3 cm

Selfie of Hellebores.

I even spotted some rosebuds!

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  1. Your winter is opposite of ours. It is so nice to see sunshine and blooms. Happy GBBD.

  2. Your winter blooms are lovely and even some rose! Happy Bloom Day!

  3. I so look forward to seeing spring blossoms - thanks for sharing these photos with us at

  4. Dear Hetty,
    lovely pictures! I totally love cyclamen coum. Yours are already in full bloom. I still have to wait for mine to open their blooms. You have so many snowdrops. I think they look great in such large groups! Here in Vienna everything is earlier too and I am sure spring will be there soon. Where to Austria have you been, Hetty? Probably somewhere in the countryside as you said you saw a lot of snow? In Vienna the snow has melted already. Today it is mild again (6 degrees). I like it as I don´t want my flowers covered in snow. I want to see and enjoy them. Your rose buds, are they from autumn or are they already spring buds? Some of my roses have buds too, but they were produced in autumn and have been standing still for some months now. I wonder if I should cut them back? Or do you think they will continue growing in spring?
    Best wishes,

  5. Beautiful. I can't wait for the spring flowers to start showing


  6. Ugh, the winter in Delaware has been horrendous! Thanks for sharing your pretty flowers with me. I featured one for Flower Friday.


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