An ode to my pear tree.

"There is a pear in front of my window," I used to sing. My two daughters immediately shouted in unison: "Grandma song!!!"

What is a Grandma song you might ask?
A It is a Dutch song, so it is boring.
B It is an old-fashioned song, so it is bad.

My daughters do not live under the same roof anymore, so I sing (without comment) in spring and autumn this “Grandma song”. I like my pear tree very much. I love its rough bark trunk, its erratic winter silhouette, the snow-white blossom in spring and the fruit in autumn. I think its enough reason to be singing about this tree.

The pear tree song is so old that it is not even at lyrics on Internet. Fortunately, I know it by heart. Also a feature of Grandma songs: You never forget the text!

A part from the song of Jaap Fisher, roughly translated:

There is a pear in front of my window
Pyrus communis is his full name
But I always call him pear
This is how our relationship is build

There is a cat walking past my window
Felix manipulata domestica is his full name
But I always call him cat
Because he wants that and therefor you do so

And every year when spring comes
My pear is so closed and my cat is gone
Why I miss them
I notice when it is spring

Then I stand in front of the open window
And watch my pear long and silently
Until he says blushing through his blossom
Probably about three weeks
I get little pears and I do not know from whom
Do you think I am very bad?

An ode to my shy innocent pear. Although he did not know who visited him this spring, at this moment the tree is loaded with fruit! Soon I will harvest the pears.

I hope I do not bother you all too much with this old song. But tonight I expect a phone call from my daughters:


The pear tree in front of my house.

I like the rough bast.

Beautiful pears. Doyenne du comice

The tree in full glory.

The tree again, in spring.


The little pot is to give insects a sheltered place. So they can hunt for "the bad guys"


  1. Dear Hettty, I would love that pear tree, too! Such a beautiful tree and as you said it offers something to admire in each season. I was aware of the lovely blooms of pears, but not that the rough bark is so wonderful as well. The pears on your tree look so big and ready to harvest. Are you using them for baking? Wishing you some wonderful last summer days, Hetty!
    Warm regards,


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