Blanchefleur, the hundred-leaved rose.

In the 17th century, Dutch breeders developed many roses. These roses are generally known as Rosa centifolia; the hundred leaved rose. In those days, the stuffed roses were very popular and were often portrayed on impressive flower still lives.

A hundred leaved rose, how romantic I thought. I remember how we used to tear off the petals of a daisy; he loves me .... he loves me not .... he loves me ... With a hundred leaved rose that will take some time!

I tell my husband about the tearing off rose petals, but he has a very mathematic approach to this issue. "Hundred, is an even number," he says, "When you start with:  he loves me, then you end up with, he loves me not."

That is too practical for me. I’d rather go for the romantic approach. I pick a rose from the shrub Blanchefleur. Gently I start.

I love you…..
Because of your sweet scent of roses

I do not love you…..
For your brown flowers, after heavy rainfall.

I love you…..
Unconstrained shrub.

I do not love you .....
For your wild branches that sometimes afflict other flowers.

I love you..
With your double flowers in soft pastels.

I do not love you…..
For the fact that you flower only once.

I love you.....
Sweet rose, with that old-fashioned look.

I do not love you…..
You with your vicious thorns that prick me.

I love you…..
I do not love you…..

Finally I'm at the last petal….

Blanchefleur ..... Of course I love you!

The garden is opened to the public June 24 and 25 see link below.



The hundred-leaved rose.

Of course I love you!

In the garden. Sweet scent.

Together with clematis 'Durandii'

I also made a flower still live....

...Look at that in my kitchen!

Detail of old painting of Jan Huysum. At the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam

The whole painting. It is much more exuberant! 


  1. beautiful roses. I love the colour

  2. Dear Hetty, what a wonderful homage to Blancefleur, and she totally deserves it! Love your bouquet, so incredible pretty. The painting of Jan Huysum is absolutely wonderful. Wishing you a wonderful day!
    Warm regards,

  3. Beautiful images. That is the most unusual rose I have ever seen. Have a blessed day

  4. I like your arrangement with the petals on the table. Here we can do the same thing with peonies just now. In this part of Canada, roses will open only in a week or two.

  5. Love, love, love the flowers. I am so envious, wish I could grow them. Beautiful photos.

  6. Lovely pics of a Gorgeous Rose!!
    Greetings from Sweden


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