Gardening with love.

Next Wednesday spring begins. The spring-like days of earlier this week were already a sign of that. But today I am looking out of my window and it is snowing again. Luckily this has been forecasted. So because I love my garden a lot, again I packed all the frost-sensitive plants with fleece cloth. A labour of love and attention.

Last week - with the then warm sunshine on my back- I smeared the vines with sulphur, to protect them from fungal diseases. Also I pruned the roses and fertilized them. This too I did with attention and with love.

But the plant that received the most attention this winter is the Belgian endives. They have been growing for three months (!) in the darkness of the barn. (read more)All those months with my attention and love. In the frosty periods, I even put an extra coat on it, so they would not get frostbitten.

If you don’t like gardening, growing Belgian endives seems a weird thing to do. After all, it is much easier to buy these in the supermarket. But a real gardener sees this differently. We know; there is nothing as satisfying as home-grown vegetables!

Tomorrow we will eat Belgian endives. With the attention they deserve. Because this "Witlof”.* has been grown with love

* In Dutch Belgian endives are called “Witlof”. Pronounced as “with love”!

Have a nice week.

Home-grown Witlof .....Pronounced as “with love”

Tomorrow we are going to eat them.

I have smeared the vines with sulfur.

The next day they are covered with snow!

The roses are pruned with attention and with love.

The next day......winter is back!

Also the birds can relay on attention and love.

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  1. Hetty, glad to see that you are still working hard in your garden and on your blog. I have not been feeling so inspired these last years.

    We have had a strange winter, haven't we? I always prune my roses when the almond trees bloom, which is usually late January to mid February. This year? Half the almonds have bloomed, but the other half are still dormant, and now the cold has come back again. When the warm sun finally comes out, there will be an explosion of color this year!


    1. Hello Karen!! So good to hear from you. Yes the winter is rather strange in Holland too. Maybe the almond trees know best: wait for better temperatures. Groetjes Hetty

  2. Very nice - I've never tried to grow endive. Not sure I have the right soil or sun for them.
    Thanks for linking up at

  3. Yep, winter struck here again in Butzbach! The first photo is it lettuce! So interesting! Never knew it grew that way.

  4. Dear Hetty,
    I hope the weather has improved since you wrote this post! Here in Vienna it is a bit better now. Still cold, but at least no snow and temperatures above zero during the days. It is lovely how much time you spend in the garden, lovingly caring for your plants. And also taking so much time to share so many of your garden tasks and experiments on your blog. I too have been doing a lot in my garden over the last days. I dug up quite a lot of lawn to create new flower beds and also started to plant them. Furthermore, I bought some rose arches and arranged them in the garden and much more. It has been a hell of work, but I enjoyed it a lot. It is always so exciting to make new flower beds, thinking about planting ideas and how lovely it might look in some time. Unfortunately, I don´t find so much time to post about all my projects and ideas on my blog. The pictures you share on your blog really show how much love and attention you put in your garden. I am looking forward to see pictures of your spring garden. Some months now, and everything will be in bloom. As you always plant so many plants in autumn, I am sure you will have an exciting spring display in your garden soon. Can´t wait to see the pictures! I hope you enjoyed eating the endives!
    Have a lovely week, Hetty!
    Best wishes,


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