"The switch".

Half May is a time of big changes. In one week the garden has changed completely. Every year, I am surprised again about the metamorphosis of the garden! "The switch" I call this period.

"The switch" from tulips to roses.

The tulips are all gone now. Instead, the cream coloured rose Frühlingsduft is in full glory. Which delight to smell the roses again. I could be sitting a whole day underneath it. Well, if there were no such mean thorns that is!

And then the "switch" from cold spring weather to tropical days.

After a cold spring, last week we finally had some warm weather (30 degrees C). Iris Hollandica has over blown faster than usual, but who cares? They were beautiful. Iris Germanica is flourishing too. I supported every heavy flower stem with an iron stick. If not, they would certainly break down with a lot of wind. Because of all this during "the switch" there is always a lot to do!

Finally, the "switch" from drought to rain.

Is has not been raining for weeks , so the garden was very dry. Every afternoon, the plants hang down; waiting for better times. But by the end of this week, the weather has changed and rain has come. Rain ... .. that makes the difference in the week of "the switch".

I can hear the garden grow!

Rosa 'Frühlingsduft'    

The rose in full glory.

Iris hollandica.

In blue and.......


Iris germanica.

Another variety, 'Night Ruler'.

Some other stars: Lupine......

Aquilegia, black and....


The latest tulip, 'Green wave'

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  1. Dear Hetty,
    your garden looks great! Your rose got so many flowers, I can imagine the smell! I really like the colour of your iris "Night Ruler". Your Lupine is very beautiful too. My mum also planted a Lupine in the garden I took over, but the Lupine did not come back the year after she planted it. It might have been eaten by the snails. Don´t know. Have a wonderful time in the garden!
    Best wishes,

  2. Lovely roses and irises. Wonderful colours. Have a nice weekend.

  3. Frühlingsduft is such a beautiful rose and yours is marvelous!


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