An unpleasant surprise.

Frost. I did not expected that. But the weatherman is unrelenting. Medium to severe frost is predicted for the week to come.

Because my garden is close to the sea with its relatively warm water, it rarely freezes. So I have allowed myself to grow some frost-sensitive plants. But that makes it tricky now. There is no other option than to guard these plants against the frost.

Fortunately, I once received a large amount of non-woven fleece cloth from my brother. That comes in handy now. I drape it over the containers with flower bulbs, to protect them from wind chill.

The containers with Anemone coronaria have been doing great so far. There is even a blue flower emerging! I wonder whether these Anemone are frost resistant  So I search the Internet and find that they are sensitive to frost. So they all must be placed in my plastic greenhouse for some extra protection. I don’t want to lose them.

Next, the sensitive perennials in the garden. I wrap all frost-sensitive plants in fleece. The Dierama looks like cotton candy! But the cold wind blows the fleece from the plant straight away. So I have to do the Dierama again and additionally place a plastic container over it. Now the wind cannot damage my plant any more.

Finally, the potatoes, which were sprouting in the windowsill of the barn, have go back into the fusion cupboard again. Everything under control I hope.

Do you have as much frost stress as I do?

Anyhow, have a nice week. 
romantic rose garden

Sleeping beauty.

Container pots planted with flower bulbs.....

  ....tucked in.

My plastic greenhouse filled with tender plants.

The first flower of my Anemone coronaria.

Dierama looks like a cotton candy! 

The flowers of Dierama. So pretty!

Romneya also tender, but the flowers ......

They are worth all extra care.


  1. I'm in total agreement - and ready for spring to come and STAY!
    Thanks for joining us at

  2. Dear Hetty,
    yes- I am too in frost-stress. November, December and January seemed so promising. We had very mild temperatures. Then suddenly, temperatures wide below zero in February. It has been snowing for weeks now and the temperatures, -10,-12,-15, super cold. Most of my plants will be okay with the cold temperatures, but I also have some more tender plants. I too put some fleeze around them. We will see if it helps, or they die-that would be a pity.
    Hopefully the weather will be better soon. If we had cold temperatures in December I would´t have minded it so much, but now it makes me a bit angry as I just want to work in my garden- but how to garden if everything is frozen and covered by snow?
    Despite the weather, have a lovely week!
    Best wishes,

  3. Oops! Frost went down through Europe... The Spring month March started with 1 m of snow and 15 below zero.
    Ronmneya is just beautiful!

  4. Yes, spring can some we had a long fall and so it seems like it has been cold for forever. Lovely flowers!


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