How gardening makes you happy. Step 6.The battle.

Dear garden girls,

How are you doing in your gardens? Are you still motivated? It's early June and in gardening that means: it’s now or never. A beautiful garden is not only peace and happiness. It is also a battle on multiple fronts! Here are the battles you have to face:

Battle 1.
With continued drought and tropical temperatures; Water your plants. So do not forget: WATER YOUR PLANTS! Place your phone inside - it does not need water - and HOSE. Hose the plants and if your lazy boyfriend is lying on the lawn, hose him too. A water fight now and again is refreshing in a relationship!

Battle 2.
In case of rainy weather you will have to fight the snails. Really, snails like the same plants as you do. So your Lathyrus, pansies and Dahlias are NEVER SAFE! Of course you can sprinkle snails pellets, but it can be done eco-friendly too!

How Hetty? How?


Pick up your phone - at night - and switch it on torch.

Shine the light beam on your favourite plants. At night, the snails are on top of your plants! House slugs can easily be removed BARE handed, but for the "streakers" I would wear GLOVES. They are so slimy! Throw the snails over the fence, the ditch or in the bin. You can also crush them with your sneakers or high heels!

And girls, I do hope one thing though...... that you did not drink too much.

Because in that case you probably will see twice as many!

Hose your plants.

Look at that...

.... they will eat all!

Let's take a look in your example garden.
I have placed a bench for summer.

Surprise. Now here grow many poppies instead of tulips!

In the pot I grow strawberries, next to the bench the Papaver orientalis......

..... and it is beautiful...... for a short time.......

......with a stunning heart. 

Lathyrus is not doing great. It is unbelievable dry in the garden.

No matter the weather, Erysimum 'Bowles Mauve' is flowering! Forever and ever.

I am a great fan of poppies. Love the bright colors.

I received some photo's of young gardeners:

Garden woman R. Her Lathyrus plants are doing much better than in my garden. Super R!

Garden woman B ordered her plants by Internet. Well that is new to me! Let me know how they thrive B. 

Enjoy your gardens! Next post "How gardening makes you happy" is July 3th.

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  1. Love your tips! But here the summer have just started after really terrible cold and dry spring so I have already starting to get bored with all the weeding and watering and mowing and.....

  2. Gorgeous and inspiring photos, Hetty!
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. Dear Hetty,
    with snails I have my problems too! Your poppies look lovely! I also have many poppies in my garden this year.
    Best wishes,

  4. It's only snail weather here, sorry to say... Snail hunt every evening.
    Papaver orientale are Fantastic!


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