All roses.

All roses.

All roses benefitted greatly from the beautiful summer weather. Little wind, no aphids, no rain. It all was perfect. And then ....... came the storm ......

On the news the storm was announced early on. And as I would be absent that day, I had to take measures in advance.

All roses tied. Check
All poppies in a net. Check:
All plants supported. Check:

So I left at ease... ..

Nevertheless, as I arrive back home again I have to hold back my tears. The flowers look tired as if they had been machine washed and centrifuged.

The roses suffer the biggest damage. Most of their flowers have brown edges and many have been snapped off. Although I am used to pretty strong winds here on the coast, but 9 bft in June? Really that is not normal!

I have no other option but to cut off all roasted roses. Fortunately, many new buds survived. Hopefully they will open soon.

So that shows gardening close to the sea is not all roses!

I will show you the photos of roses I made in recent weeks.

Scented roses. 'Mme Legras de St Germain'

'Colonial White'

'Alchemist' in the morning sun



Rose 'Mme Alfred Carrière' before the storm

And after!

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  1. Your garden is so beautiful....before the storm....

  2. Hi Hetty, I am so sorry to hear about your roses being damaged so badly by the storm. I hope that many more buds will open soon and that the weather will behave. I am used to strong wind on our hill top property as well and I know by my own experience how the roses suffer when the winds blows hard.
    Wonderful photos of your roses before the storm. I really love 'Mme Legras de St Germain', so beautiful!
    Warm regards,

  3. Lovely, Hetty!
    Thank you for joining our party at

  4. Beautiful roses!
    I hope they recover well from the storm
    Happy Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day!

  5. The weather can be our worst enemy, especially wind. I hope the recovery time will be short. Happy GBBD.

  6. Hi Hetty, the wind and rain can be the death of roses. This year our Mutabilis was looking great until the wind removed all the flowers!

  7. Hello Hetty,
    Your garden is gorgeous ! love the photos of all the roses and your garden, so romantic !
    Wish you a nice day,
    Els (

  8. Your garden is so beautiful! I hope the buds all open and the weather is kind.

  9. Dear Hetty,
    how sad that you had such terrible storm. I hope that your roses will regenerate. I love your plant combinations!
    Best wishes,

  10. Those Roses are spectacular! Congratulations! I live in Argentina (a subtropical humid region) and growing roses here is an uphill battle against all kind of insects,diseases and killing summer heat.


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