Dahlias in the rain.

It is raining and it has been raining all day long. What should have been a nice day to work in the garden became a very, very wet affair.

The happy colours of dahlias give me consolation though. They bloom exuberantly in the back yard. This is their season!

Personally, I best like dahlias from the karma collection. These grow on long stems and are very suitable to put in a vase. I just pick a few dahlia flowers, together with Astrantia and add some anemones japonica for lightness too. Such a bunch of flowers on the kitchen windowsill makes me happy.

Dahlias are easy to grow. After planting the tubers in spring, you will have to keep a keen eye on the snails though. They just love those new fresh dahlia leafs. Once the plants have matured, that danger will be gone. From the longest day on the dahlias will flower. They might even bloom until the end of October.

In winter I leave all dahlias in the ground. I would not recommend this for gardeners living in colder areas. They will have to dig up the tubers after the first frost and keep them frost-free during winter.

But my garden is close to the sea. Winters are usually mild. That’s why I dare to leave them in the ground. And in case we do have a severe winter, I will simply buy new ones next year.

After all, the economy has to grow!

romantic rose garden

It is raining....

.........it has been raining all day long.

... I am not pleased

The dahlias don't care...

... they flower aboundendly. 

Inside, the kitchen windowsill.........

.......it feels like summer!

Outside, the road is flooded!


  1. I enjoyed this Post again for the Tuesday theme IMAGE-IN-ING.


  2. I love dahlias - these are marvelous photos!
    Thanks for linking up at https://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2017/09/pop.html

  3. I do love dahlias and this color is awesome! They look so good in the vase, too.

  4. Oh, a fellow dahlia lover. Your garden looks lovely and romantic, indeed. I'm so glad I found your blog.

  5. be still my beating heart! Dahlias are a huge favourite....soon I will be planting mine for the southern summer :D

  6. Last year my son gave me some dahlias because mine slowly disappeared during the winters. I miss them. I should dig them up but in the Fall there is so much to do and since they are hiding in the dirt, I forget. Gosh. I do love them. Thank you for sharing yours in GBBD.
    Jeannie @ GetMeToTheCountry.Blogspot.com

  7. Seriously delightful photos! So pretty! Thanks for sharing!


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