The first tulips. Short and snappy.

What a beautiful sunny week it has been. My early tulips started blooming instantly. This variety is called Tulipa Pulchella violacea, a botanical species.

I have planted these botanical tulips in pots together with Lathyrus vernus. Unfortunately, the combination I had in mind did not work out the way I had planned it. Whilst the tulips are in full bloom the Lathyrus vernus only just started flowering, with a single flower. But that should not spoil the fun!

T. pulchella violacea is a modest tulip, only 15 cm high. However, the tulip makes quite an impression with its fuchsia pink flowers. It 's a real “Barbie” colour. But then again at the middle of the flower there is a black heart. I think that's a great combination of Mother Nature.

Probably because of the heavenly weather, the flowering period of this small tulip only lasted ten days. A pity? Not according to a suitable line from a Dutch pop lyric that comes to my mind as a write this:

“Maar wat mooi is duurt maar even, dat is lang genoeg voor mij”.*)
(What is beautifully only lasts a short time, but that is long enough for me)

After all, we can enjoy the pictures endlessly!

(* "Engel voor een dag " from the Zeeland band BLØF

Tulip heart.

Tulip Pulchella violacea. Morning dew.

The combination I had in mind did not work out the way I had planned it.

Five pots filled with tulips.

I can't get enough of them.

Blue skies; short period of flowering.

Beautiful tulips, against the fence.


  1. I love your tulips! Mine didn't bloom last year (planted the fall before), and I'm crossing my fingers that this is their year.

    Happy Gardening :)

  2. Don't worry, just keep gardening! groetjes from Holland


  3. Beautiful!
    Memories and pictures last forever...

  4. Vika fina krukor med tulpaner.
    Ha en fin fredag

  5. Wonderful tulips, they give so much joy!

  6. I love how you did these in containers. It's very inspiring. Most of my garden is done in containers because I'm a renter and if I move, the plants come with me! I want to try this next year (lots of tulips in pots). I put a few in the ground this year and they were lovely but I really like how they all look in your containers.

  7. Dear Danielle, the botanical tulips are the best to use in a pot. Lots of succes.
    Groetjes, Hetty


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