The banned Top Rose.

Look, this is top rose 'Sommerwind'. After very strong scrutineering some roses get the label “Top Rose”. Top roses bloom endlessly, are strong and have healthy leaves. There is nothing to complain about. Yet, this particular Top Rose has been banned from my garden.

Why? I know it might sound strange to you, but it's the colour. I think the colour is too "Barbie-doll-ish". It's just too pink. I prefer the soft pinks of old-fashioned roses.

From the kitchen window I have often stared at this rose. And because it's a Top Rose, it is always flowering. Always a little too pink to my liking. I doubt, should I remove this rose or not? Of course I could ask my husband for advise. "Do you think this rose is a little too bright in colour?" But he always gives me the same answer: "Asking the question is answering it." In other words: Hetty you have already decided.

That's why I ask my daughter instead. We stare through the kitchen window together. "Do you think that rose is a little too bright in colour?" "No Mom, I think the rose is fine." That’s not what I want to hear! In my head sounds: Hetty you've already decided.

If it were not a Top Rose, it would have been all right. The rose would not have flowered endlessly. It would not have constantly disturbed me. But it's a Top Rose and it has been blooming all summer. Exuberantly, day in day out.

As the frost changes the pink dahlias into brown, the colour balance in the backyard is completely lost. The roses have to go. Right away! I take the spade and dig up the roses.

As I throw the roses in the bin, a girlfriend walks along. She has no problems with the pink colour. And so the Top Roses move to another garden the same day.

Next, I am asking myself what to plant instead of the roses. Is it 'Jacques Cartier' or the old-fashioned rose 'Mme Boll'?

Already I'm having a dilemma again!

Rosa 'Sommerwind'.

 "Do you think that rose is a little too bright in colour?" 

The last roses in a vase.

I prefer the soft pink.................

............. of old-fashioned roses.

What to choose, Rosa 'Jacques Cartier'....

....... Rosa 'Mme. Boll'......... or both?


  1. What's important with the rose (or any flower) is not the look, but the smell! If you walk outside and are hit by fragrance, the colour is irrelevant!

    1. You are right. I want a scented rose in return.

  2. That is beautiful!
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  3. Dear Hetty,
    I have the same dilemma with some roses in my garden. As you know, I took over my parent´s garden and my mum´s taste in plants differs a bit from mine. I don´t know whether you know rosa ´Rosarium Uetersen´. My mum planted two of this climbing rose to a rose arch and well I guess regarding blooming and disease resistance, it is a top rose, but I really don´t like the colour (really, really bright pink). Thus, I am too struggling to make a decision if i should leave the roses or dig them out.
    Seeing the pictures of your rose, I actually don´t think it is too bright. Compared to rosarium Uetersen , your rose seems quite okay to me. Though, it does´t matter anymore, you´ve got rid of it and I guess that´s good, because you didn´t seem all too happy with your rose and now you have space for a rose you will like more.
    Regarding rose ´Jacques Cartier and Mme Boll, I have both of them. If it comes to the blooms and the smell I prefer Mme Boll, but when it comes to growth, Jacques Cartier wins. Jacques Cartier grows very bushy and the leaves look great, whereas Mme Boll´s growth seems less vigorous and bushy, it´s rather thin. Maybe you find space for both of them and then you can compare. Or might I make your decision even more difficult by telling you about an old rose I absolutely love. It is rosa Archiduchesse Elizabeth d'Autriche. It is certainly not as well known as the other two roses, though I really don´t see why. Actually, before I bought this rose, I had never heard about it before. Surprisingly, it is the most wonderful rose. It got all the great characteristics of an old rose, but at the same time blooms as often as a modern top rose. I have never seen an old rose blooming that abundantly throughout the year. So you might wanna think about growing rosa Archiduchesse Elizabeth d'Autriche.
    I wish you a great day pondering about roses, dear Hetty!
    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Lisa, I wish you wisdom. Gardening is all about dissisions. Be brave! About your rose Archiduchess Elizabeth d'Autriche, it is a true beauty! Unfortunately it is not available in the Netherlands. So I keep to my plan and buy both Jacques Cartier and Mme Boll. And put Elizabeth on my wishing list. Maybe somewhere in a garden centre abroad......

    2. Dear Hetty,
      great to hear that you will buy both roses. I am sure you will be happy with them. Regarding Archiduchess Elizabeth d'Autriche, yes, this rose is rarely found, though I
      wonder why as it is a lovely rose. In general, it seems difficult to find old rose varieties in garden centres, at least in Vienna. Today I took a cutting of my rose Archiduchess Elizabeth d'Autriche. In case the cutting roots and becomes a plant I will send it to you next year. Fingers crossed.
      Have a lovely day!
      Best wishes,

    3. Wow, that would be great! The Sissy rose from Austria!!


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