What I learned from Marilyn Monroe.

Recently I visited the exhibition "Happy Birthday Marilyn" in Amsterdam. Whilst passing by the windows with her personal belongings, I learn a lot about her life. How she constantly practiced before the mirror to perfect her pose. Oh Marilyn, I wish I had done the same!

Why, you might think. Well, I will explain.

During my garden tour in England last summer, I received an email from the Dutch magazine Landleven (Country Life). They wanted to feature my blog in the November edition. Could I send a recent photo of myself? I promised to mail one as soon as I got home.

Alas, the day I came back home it turned out to be 35 degrees in the shade! However a promise is a promise. So I do my hair and put on some makeup. And as this picture is asked for the November edition I put on my turtleneck sweater and a jacket. Dressed up like this I sit myself on the garden bench for the photo shoot.

"Am I sitting upright?" I ask my husband, who is the photographer for the occasion. Oh no! Rather impatiently he starts turning my head and shoulders. In the meantime, sweat runs down my spine! I kindly smile to the camera. My husband takes five photos. That should be enough.

"You look a little bit tired," my husband says, as we look at the photos on the computer. No surprise, I just returned from a busy trip! And to make things worse, the photographs are very much overexposed. As I don’t want to do the session in winter clothing again I send one of the pictures to the magazine.

Now three months later .....The November edition of Landleven is in store. There's a nice feature about my blog. But no picture to go with it!

That would never had happened to Marilyn. Her perfectly posed picture would probably have been on the cover!

In case you are curious about my failed picture, sorry, I'm not going to post it. First I will have to practice posing. In front of the mirror, for hours and hours!

My blog in the magazine.


  1. Congratulation!Very nice that you have your blog i the magazine.It,s a shame that all your efforts was unsuccessful but I'm sure the readers can forgive!
    Have a nice evening!
    Best regards from Lise

  2. Think how much time from real life would be lost by spending hours and hours practicing a pose? Plus I'd fast get quite tired of seeing my face in the mirror!
    Thanks for sharing at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/11/haifa-israel.htmlm and congratulations.

  3. Fantastic to have your blog in the Magazine!
    Well, I am not so good at posing, either... Had to, for a norwegian interior/garden-magazine. The photo was printed, and I just hate the rigid posture. Marilyn M. was a master, and so is the "selfie generation"!


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