Spiders and me.

Every autumn I wonder, where do all those spiders come from? All of a sudden they are everywhere in the garden. And the funny thing is, they immediately are so big!

Every walk through the garden brings me into contact with their cobwebs. They stick to my hair and to my arms. Taking a closer look you will discover there are many different types of spider webs. Some are very tightly woven and in these webs I cannot find a spider. Others are the classic cobwebs, with a big spider in the middle.

As I destroy a cobweb for the umpteenth time, I feel a bit sorry for the spider. The poor beast has to make the web all over again.

Sorry... for spiders? Well, only to a certain extent. Once the spiders get into my house, a whole different aspect of my character appears. Because, they may be safe In the garden, but not inside the house! I have made the following “agreement” with the spiders; as soon they enter the house they will be hunted to death.

However, the spiders seem not to be impressed. And that is why I find spiders in the shower, the hallway, in the kitchen, between the beams and behind the curtains. I blow and wipe, I kill without regrets, but the spiders somehow seem to survive. Sometimes I think they reincarnate.

Spiders, it is a disastrous undertaking. Or should I just spend less time in the garden and more time on my housekeeping?

Spiders. They immediately are so big.

Empty cobweb.

All kind of different webs.

Just waiting......

On every flower is a threat of the cobweb.

This particular spider lives in a round shaped web.


Like lace.
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  1. I never deliberately destroy a spider web and always feel a bit guilty when I do. Such works of art!
    Thanks for linking up at http://image-in-ing.blogspot.com/2016/10/playing-with-photoshop.html

  2. I don't have that many spiders, but I don't mind having them around, either inside or out, because I know they catch other bugs that bother me. I love finding a great web for photos. Most of the time, I end up spraying it with water for 'raindrops'!

  3. Those are lovely shots but boy do spiders scare me!

  4. Woah, nice. That empty cobweb is creepy and intriguing.

  5. Das sind wunderschöne Fotos, alles Unikate, kleine Kunstwerke!
    So mag ich den Herbst.
    Liebe Grüße


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