How to “multiply” snowdrops?

The snowdrops in my garden are now in full flower. I have all kinds of varieties: large-, small-, stuffed-, early- and late ones. Personally I like the large snowdrops best. They really stand out! But a garden full of snowdrops is what pleases me most. How to achieve that? Time to get started!

It's actually very simple:

Get your fork and dig up a large clump of snowdrops.
Separate the clump into smaller portions.
Find a spot where you do not dig too often. (For me this is the hardest part of the process, because I dig everywhere in the garden!)
Plant out the small bunches of snowdrops directly in the garden itself.
Water them.

The snowdrops do not seem to bother that they are in flower whilst being transplanted. They just will continue to grow. And if growing conditions are favourable for snowdrops, you will soon have a garden full of them.

So many snowdrops in your garden makes it possible to pick some for a little vase. It is surprising how something so small will have an immediate, hugely positive, impact on your mood. However, snowdrops tend to wilt in a vase quickly, but I really cannot be bothered.

Because I have divided snowdrops for so many years, I now have a garden full of them!

In a smal vase,

it looks fantastic.

I have many different varieties. 

This is Galanthus 'G 71'

Galanthus 'Ophelia'

Galanthus 'Scissors'

A nice clump Galanthus nivalis.

Dig them out.

Divide them.

Plant them out.

And in few years time, you will have many for a vase!


  1. Dear Hetty, great post! I wish I could grow snowdrops here, but it is way too mild of a climate for them. I love the photo of the little snowdrop posy in the vase! So lovely! You have indeed many different varieties of snowdrops and I like them all, but I think my favorite is the big filled one. You wrote a good tutorial about multiplying snowdrops, I only would wish I could make use of it.
    Warm regards,

  2. Dear Hetty
    What a wonderful post! I love snowdrops and all the different sorts is fascinating me.
    Lovely photos Hetty! I also divided mine...

  3. Lovely snowdrops. I hope to see them soon in my garden, but we have a lot of snow, so it takes a while. Have a nice weekend! Marika

  4. An interresting post! Your snowdrops are lovely:)

  5. Wonderful snowdrops! In our garden today the only white to be seen is snow. Lots of snow...

  6. Hetty, your soil is so dark, moist and fertile. No wonder you have such lovely snowdrops!


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