A Snowdrop does not give up!

For over a month they are flowering. Snowdrops! The species that I grow flower every year. And they are becoming more and more.

Weathering does not bother them. When the sun is shining, the flowers are open wide. The flowers hovers above the ground, they look like little helicopters. But when it freezes a few days later, the snowdrops are lying motionless on the ground. They seem to be lost, but at the moment the temperature is above zero, the flower is established. A Snowdrop does not give up!

The other day, there was some snow in Zeeland. The snowdrops were standing into the snowy earth and every flower had a white hat. But a snowdrop does not give up and blooms on!

To fully enjoy these flowers I dig a nice clump of snowdrops out of the border. I plant them in a pot and place them on the garden table near the kitchen window. Even this brutal distortion does not bother them. A snowdrop does not give up and blooms on!

Later, when they have finished flowering, I will divide the clump and replant the bulbs in the border. They will grow in the coming years to a new clump. Because no matter what happens; a snowdrop does not give up.

Snowdrops, they look like frail flowers on thin stems. But in reality they are very tough and NEVER give up!


... the snowdrop is fainted.

Flowers like helicopters.

The first bee!


roots in the white soil.

Sun again.


Snowdrops in a pot .......

... on the garden table.

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  1. Hi Hetty, snowdrops are amazingly resilient plants! I really enjoyed seeing your photos of them in different weather conditions. The first one with the ice crystals is truly fascinating.
    What a great idea to have a "planted up" garden table! You always come up with the best ideas!
    I love snowdrops but San Diego is too warm in the winter to grow them here, but I read that I could grow Spring Snowflakes (Leucojum vernum) as a substitute. So I planted the bulbs last year, but unfortunately too late in the season and they didn't bloom. They came up this year again, but no flowers yet. I am afraid they won't bloom this year either :-(.
    Enjoy your snowdrops to the max!
    Warm regards,

  2. These are so delightful photos.
    The macro quality is excellent.
    Besides, I love the sweet snowdrops, a wonderful post!
    Warm regards from Germany

  3. Beautiful flowers and your photos are stunning. I don't have any snowdrops. I must get some they are so pretty.

  4. Kære Hetty
    Smukke fotos af de dejlige og uundværlige vintergækker.Har de virkelig blomstret så længe?
    Det er da en rigtig god ide at grave en klump vintergækker op og nyde dem tæt på huset for efterfølgende at dele dem.Det vil jeg også prøve!
    Mange hilsner fra Lise

  5. Dear Hetty,
    what lovely snowdrops you have! I also planted some snowdrop bulbs in September (although I read that snow drop bulbs are not so reliable and it is recommended to buy snowdrops as plants and then plant them) But luckily they all seem to come out and they started blooming last week.
    However, why I actually visited your blog today is a lovely article about your garden, which I discovered when reading the new "Garten Träume magazine" today. I was leafing through the magazine when I saw this article featuring a very beautiful spring garden full of tulips and other beautiful plants and felt that this garden looks somehow familiar to me. When I then read the name of the gardener "Hetty" I knew it must be you. Must be quite an honour for you to be featured in a garden magazine. Congratulations!
    Enjoy your lovely snowdrops!
    Best wishes,

    1. Dear Lisa, I did not know it was published already. I will aks for a copy! Thanks for letting me know

  6. Beautiful images of this beautifully delicate plant that defies the winter


  7. Definitely beautiful images! These tiny flowers are just so adorable!

  8. Hello Hetty,
    WOW! Wonderful series of snowdrops!
    Have a nice weekend,
    moni (from Germany)



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