Bad timing.

I have cut all the summer flowers from the garden and put them in a vase. Whilst doing so, I ponder about last summer and the exuberant flowering of these flowers ....

First rose ‘Marie Pavic’. This summer the shrub has been rarely without flowers. Next I put rose ‘Golden Border’, with pale yellow flowers in the vase. This is always the first in flower. Moreover this rose blooms to November. Then I put Geranium 'Rozanne' in the water. Your pretty blue flowers, is it really over? ......

I realise I can write a poetic blog about these November flowers. I take my camera to make some pictures of this colourful bouquet. Unfortunately, there is too little light! Most pictures are blurry.

Next day is not any better for photographing. Moreover, I promised to visit my mother in law today. As I return in the evening I look at my little bouquet in the kitchen window. Right away I see the freshness has gone. To make things worse, next day I see a few faded flowers.

Well, here I am with my post about "November flowers." Next to me a vase full of wilted roses. Bad timing Hetty!

Yet I am writing this blog. Because I realize these wilted roses symbolize the end of the summer.

I have to face it: it is the end of November and little light. No light, no pictures and certainly no summer flowers!

The last summer roses.

a little blurry, but fresh.

The summer bouquet

A few days later..... summer is over!


  1. Dear Hetty, it is hard to believe that you are able to cut that many summer flowers by the end of November, considering that your garden is located in the Netherlands! I love the fresh bouquet! As you said the wilted one symbolizes the end of the garden season, which is appropriate for this time of the year, but it still makes me a little sad....
    Warm regards,

  2. What a great series of shots. Your photos are lovely and I love the symbolism. Next year's flowers are exciting to look forward to!

  3. All are beautiful - even the one starting to droop.
    Thanks for joining the party at

  4. Hetty, Don't be sad about the end of summer. It's not "Goodbye"; just "See you later." :) And your flowers were gorgeous!

  5. Hej Hetty!
    Meget smuk buket så længe det varede.Hvordan kan du nænne at plukke dem!
    Fantastisk at du har haft blomster så længe.Der må være et mildere klima hos dig.
    God aften fra Lise


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