Historic daffodils.

Last autumn I bought some historic daffodils at a garden fair. Some of these daffodils are very rare. So I am very happy I was able to buy them. I really love these historic daffodils.

It took a while, but now they are flowering. Compared to the modern large trumpet daffodils, historical daffodils are very modest. They do not have big flowers and just a small trumpet is visible in the middle. This makes them ideal for photographing with a macro lens.

Narcissus 'Santa Claus' is the very last to flower. It is a white one. The flower is filled with small petals. It looks like Santa’s beard!

Narcissus Poeticus (Poet's narcissus) is my favourite daffodil. I saw this daffodil for the first time in a flower meadow in the vicinity of Gavarnie (Midi-Pyrénées France). I think back of that place in the mountains, every time when this daffodil blooms. In my opinion there is not a more beautiful daffodil than this one; with bright red edges to the cup.

Historical daffodils, they are in bloom at last.

Last but not least!

Narcissus 'Keats' 1952

Again Narcissus 'Keats'.

Narcissus 'Santa Claus' 1950.

Narcissus 'Green Pearl'. 1974. 

My favorite. Narcissus poeticus var recurvus. Before 1600!

Narcissus 'Carnmoon' 1953

Narcissus 'Carnmoon', close up.

Narcissus 'Polar Ice' 1936.


  1. Dear Hetty, great post about Historic Daffodils! Actually I had never seen one before. The old varieties seemed to be much more understated in comparison to their modern offsprings and that is where their charm lies for me. I am very happy for you that you have been able to buy the Historic Daffodils bulbs and planted them in your garden and that way you are contributing to their preservation. For once I can't name a favorite, even though I am usually very opinionated when it comes to plants ;-), I think they are all incredible beautiful!
    Warm regards,

  2. Wow - so many beautiful daffodils!

  3. Fantastic historical daffodils!

  4. Dear Hetty
    I love daffodils too. and the history is very interesting!
    They are very delicate, Hetty!



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