Tip. Plant flower bulbs in pots!

flower bulbs in containers
Last week the flower bulbs I ordered have arrived. Alas, at the moment it is much too dry in my garden to plant the bulbs. I will have to wait for rain in order to start working into the heavy clay soil.

As I tell my flower bulb supplier (Jan Deen) the bulbs have arrived safely, he expresses his concern about the changing climate. This spring the crop was disappointing because of frost and drought and now planting is a problem because it is too dry and warm. He has a point there. I went to the beach last week! Bizarre.

Yet there is something that I can do; planting the flower bulbs in pots. It is a very simple job.

I do not plant the bulbs directly into the basket or terracotta pot but in a plastic container that fits exactly into the basket or terracotta pot. That gives me the opportunity to switch. Once one species has finished flowering, I put another container with bulbs in its place. Mind you: The larger bulbs of tulips and daffodils do better in a larger container pot. So think big!

How to proceed?
Put some soil in the plastic pot and plant a layer of bulbs. Cover the bulbs with a layer of potting soil and plant/place another layer of bulbs on top of that. Cover the bulbs with soil. Do not forget to label the container. Believe me, after 6 months you will not remember what you've planted. Planting bulbs in pots is quickly done. Faster than I can type this blog!

Can I still plant bulbs?
Plant bulbs with a naked skin like snowdrops, Frittelaria and Imperial crowns as soon as possible You can plant tulips in pots until mid-January (provided the soil is not frozen).

CHECK. My frittelaria bulbs are planted.
So no stress. I have got plenty of time!

New followers a warm welcome
To inspire you I add some pictures of my spring bulbs in pots.
flower bulbs in containers
 white and yellow tulips
flower bulbs in containers
everything is possible 
flower bulbs in containers
 A little basket on the garden bench
flower bulbs in containers
 bright colours
flower bulbs in containers
 a little bit of everything 
flower bulbs in containers
 white tulips
 tulipa Copper Image
 tulipa 'Copper Image'
flower bulbs in containers
 beautiful narcissus 'Pueblo'
that is the right one! 
flower bulbs in containers
Many containers waiting for spring.