Lathyrus, hard to choose!

Last year I visited the Hampton Court Flower Show. The very moment I entered the Floral Marquee I am attracted to the Lathyrus stall of Eagle Sweet Peas like a magnet. Those colours. The one more beautiful than the other. Of course I have to buy Lathyrus seeds, but which variety? At the back of my mind I can already hear my husband saying: buy them all! But I have no room to sow so many varieties, so I do have to choose ...

Next to me, an English lady is as indecisive as I am. We get into a conversation about this overwhelming display with so many beautiful Lathyrus flowers. She does not know what to choose too. I tell her that I once bought 'Just Jenny' and sowed these with great success. "I think I take the 'Highly Perfumed Mixture'," she says. Our eyes wonder from 'Just Jenny' to the 'Highly Perfumed Mixture'. It is difficult. Both of them are beautiful.
The English lady is still hesitating. "My mother-in-law who just passed away was called Jenny", she confides to me. "Maybe you should buy Jenny to commemorate her," I suggest. "I will do so," she says. "In that case I will take the Highly Perfumed Mixture". We say goodbye, both happy with our packet of seeds.

How to grow the seeds best? For all info follow this link of Eagle Sweet Peas. They obviously know the best! I sowed the Lathyrus in spring. But sowing in the autumn gives good results too.

At this time I am enjoying the colourful Lathyrus bouquets. I have to cut the flowers every day. Otherwise the plant will start making seed and the flowering will be over.

Now I do not understand why I was doubted for such a long time at the stall. What great splendour of flowers in my vases.

And with this mix I have both scent and all the colours!!

Romantic rose garden scented Lathyrus
 Lathyrus 'Highly perfumed mixture' 
scented Lathyrus
  Lathyrus 'Highly Perfumed Mixture' in a vase.
scented Lathyrus
 Lathyrus 'Highly Perfumed Mixture' from Eagle sweet peas in my garden.
scented Lathyrus in vase
They look lovely...........
scented Lathyrus
...... in every vase!
Lathyrus display. How to choose?


  1. A wonderful story and post. Beautiful photos too. Next year I'll try to grow öathyrus.

  2. Hetty, these sweetpeas are very tempting! I have never tried growing sweetpeas in Spain, though, and I really don't know how well they would do. I've got my eye on the Blue Carnival mix...


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