The secret of a beautiful flowering wisteria.

Quite often I am asked at what moment in time I prune the wisteria. I have to think that over. Mainly because I prune the wisteria several times a year.

A wisteria is a vigorous plant. After flowering the plant makes many long shoots. All those cost the plant a lot of energy. So I prune those shoots back at 5 cm on the main branch. SNAP!

In summer the plant again goes to a lot of growth, SNAP! I cut the long shoots again. And in autumn, SNAP! Even in winter. I cut back all the long shoots I have not noticed before. SNAP! So each shoot is cut back to 5 cm on the main branch.

The only time I do not SNAP! is in spring. In spring the buds swell and eventually the beautiful lavender blue flowers grow out of all those little stumps. The blue flowers smell too, I am delighted. They are irresistible!

The secret of a beautiful flowering wisteria? I can be brief about that.

Have a nice week in the garden.

In a few days...... 

.... the flower buds......

........will start flowering.

Oh, these flowers.....

....... are beautiful and they scent so sweet.

Not my house. Look how vigorous they grow!


  1. Dear Hetty,
    I think wisteria is a very beautiful climber, but I have never grown it myself. I am a bit worried that it grows to0 vigorously and all the pruning-probably too much effort for me. At the gardens at Schönbrunn they have a long pergola with wisteria. When I visited Schönbrunn last year and was walking through the pergola I realised that lovely fragrance. Before, I hand´t known that it smells so lovely.
    Best wishes,


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