Alliums. I cannot do without.

The ornamental onions (Allium), which I have planted over the past years, are now in full flower.

Alliums are easy to grow. Put them in a "dry" place, meaning, a place where no puddles of water remain in winter. Otherwise the bulbs easily rot in winter. In my very dry border they found the right spot. They even multiply!

To make a bigger impact, it is important to plant a lot of bulbs. I have planted a 100 of them in a sling. Allium 'Purple Sensation' (60 cm high) has the same purple colour as the Rhododendron that is already there in the same border. What a good fortune. They flower at exactly the same time. By the way this particular Rhododendron is the only one that survives my heavy clay. It is a tough one.

The higher Alliums I planted in groups of 3, 5 or 7. Odd numbers. In my opinion, that feels good. Over the years I have grown a lot of different varieties of alliums. My favourite? Hard to say, I just love them all!

Soon Allium atropureum will flower, with dark red flowers. I combined these with the dark red leafs of Lysimachia 'Fire cracker'. A brilliant combination. 

Alliums transform the borders into a purple glow. What more can I write to convince you to plant them in your gardens? Alliums. I cannot live without en enjoy them every day!

Enjoy your week.
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Allium in the border.
Allium in the border. 
Allium in the border.
Alliums transform the borders into a purple glow. I enjoy them every day.
 Allium atropureum
 Allium atropureum 
 Allium atropureum an Lysmimachia 'Fire cracker'
 Allium atropureum and Lysmimachia 'Fire cracker' 
Rododendron, the colors are matching. 
rododendron, Allium and Rheum palmatum.
Rododendron, Allium and Rheum palmatum. 
Allium is also very useful in a vase!


  1. Like you , Hetty, I think alliums make the garden special at this time of year. I haven't grown Allium atropurpureum but I will look for bulbs this autumn. Love the vase of cut flowers.

  2. Dear Hetty,
    I too like allium and have different varieties in my garden. You have so many more than me. Very pretty!
    Best wishes,


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