Tulip garden. Open garden days.

tulip garden
The flower bulb open garden days are over. I look back on two wonderful days. The tulips did their very best to flower in time. On Saturday even the border in the backyard was in bloom.

Visitors came both from home as abroad. All wanting the same thing: flowers, colour and sun. Well it's was all there. Because of the sunny weather everyone is in a good mood. I met several readers of my blog. How nice to get to know them. Even my flower bulb dealer came from North-Holland to see whether the tulips performed well or at least as they should.

In the barn my daughter and friend N. served many cups of coffee. Visitors exchanged gardening tips to one another and there is laughter, lots of laughter! About what?

A small anecdote:

I had some unroasted peanuts, which I forgot to feed to the birds. I planted these peanuts in conservative jars. After 14 days a plant has grown. This would be great fun for children.

As I tell about it and meanwhile hand out some peanuts to the visitors sitting at the table in the barn. At that very moment the French garden photographer B. comes out of the garden and joins us. I hand her her some peanuts too and ask her what they are called in French. "Cacahouète" she says. "Kakawet" I say after her. We try to pronounce what she said. It sounds like the cry of a cockatoo.

She takes the peanuts, breaks them and immediately puts them in her mouth. We look stunned and then start to laugh loudly. I explain it to her ... she laughs about it too. It is such a lovely stereotype. Those French, they really eat everything!

Well, the peace is back in the garden again. I am now going to relax and reflect on all the impressions. For those who could not come a small photo impression:

tulip garden

Not everybody likes these bright colours.

tulip garden

I do!

tulip garden

Just sit and relax

tulip garden

Colourful small garden

tulip garden

All colors are nice.

pink tulip garden

The tulips from the back yard in flower!

tulip garden Tulip Greenwave

Bizar! Tulip 'Greenwave'.

peanut growing in jar

Peanuts in jars.


  1. Dear Hetty,
    these must have been some very exciting days for you as well as for your visitors! I personally love the tulips in your back garden most as I love the combination of pale and dark colours. Your planted pots look very exciting too! I´d love to have such a lovely display of tulips in pots, but even though I am trying it year after year, planting tulip bulbs in containers does´t seem to work for me. Either they rott, stop growing at a certain point or won´t flower well.
    Have a lovely week!
    Best wishes,

  2. Lovely lovely! Was just in Holland last weekend visiting the tulip gardens!


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