Mini garden.

My husband is clearing the barn. From the attic he calls: "Hetty, those preserving jars is it allowed to throw them away finally?" He is right. Those jars have been waiting for inspiration at the attic for 35 years now.

I do not know what it is with me and preserving jars. I have a lot of them but why? Is it a woman’s primal instinct to be able to conserve food in order to have something to eat in times of scarcity? Or is it just a feeling of nostalgia?

I have never used these particular preserving jars because they are much too big. 2 litres it says on the bottom. Well I really have to do something with these jars otherwise they will have to go. But what? Suddenly it comes to me. I will make a mini garden in each of them!

The next question that comes to mind is: what to grow in them? Feverishly I think about possible alternatives. Should I sow something in it? Or grow a peanut?

Than, hyacinths of course! I still have some in deposit. Once the idea is born, the work is done quickly. I clean the jars and place a hyacinth in each one of them. Next I add a little potting soil. Finally some moss as finishing touch.

A row of mini gardens in the kitchen windowsill is great fun! My husband thinks so too, but immediately wonders what to do if the hyacinth scent becomes too much. "Then I place a lid on it" I say practically as always. "Do you have enough of those?" he worries.

If he only knew. More than enough!

 old jar

The 35 years old preserving jars.

mini garden

This how to make a mini garden.


Lovely on the kitchen windowsill.

Hyacinth scent

Too much scent? Place a lid on it!

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  1. I'd be so excited to see these bulbs burst into bloom!
    Thanks for sharing at

  2. Nice idea, Hetty!
    Have a lovely week!
    Best wishes,

  3. A glorious idea - and I don't think there is such a thing as too much hyacinth scent! I like your writing - very entertaining!

  4. Your hyacinth photo is gorgeous!


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