Crocus is waiting.

Last week we had severe winter weather. Seeing a tiny crocus inspired me for the following reflection.

Thin stems in soft colours.
The flowers tightly closed.
They  are waiting ... ..

The crocus is waiting. Patiently.
In a heavy winter shower.
In snow,
The crocus is waiting. Patiently
The flowers closed tightly.

The crocus is waiting. Patiently.
For warmth.
The crocus is waiting. 
For the spring.

Enjoy your week!

In frost, hail and snow.

Tightly closed.


Inside the crocus opens rapidly.


.......and opened.

Soft colours.

As the crocus is flowering.......

.......spring is coming.


  1. Dear Hetty,
    not only the crocuses are waiting for spring, I am waiting too. In Vienna we still have snow, it has been snowing all night and is still. According to predictions, the weather should start getting better soon. Hopefully! Lovely poem and pretty pictures! I too planted some crocus bulbs in autumn. Can´t wait for them to bloom. How are your tender plants doing? Did the flees wrapping protect them from the cold?
    Have a lovely day!
    Best wishes,

  2. Such beautiful photos! I love seeing crocuses in the spring - they are like a promise.
    Thanks for sharing at

  3. Beautiful photos on lovely flowers! And the lyrics was nice to.....

  4. Your 'closed' and 'open' sequence is so nice ... I felt I was there in your garden watching the process. Crocus - a very brave plant to poke its tender shoots through the snow. We are still a month or so from this ...

  5. I know you are excited to see this gorgeous sign of spring! Your photos are just awesome, Hetty!


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